Would you share a nanny?

Koru Kids - Kathryn the nanny with Alice and Annabelle

As nanny-sharing service Koru Kids launches, it’s revealed that thousands of childcare places could be made available, as well as provide parents with huge savings, if families shared childcare

With the average cost of a full time nanny a huge £37,000 a year, parents are turning to alternative childcare options. A recent survey by Koru Kids found that 30,000 childcare places could be created by sharing nannies, with 40% of nannies questioned willing to care for more than one family at a time. It could also leave you with a welcome saving of up to £13,000.

Launched this month, Koru Kids is the new nanny-sharing service that hopes to give parents the flexibility of a nanny at a fraction of the cost. Founder and CEO Rachel Carrell comments; ‘The main barrier to families sharing a nanny has been finding another family to share with. Koru Kids solves this problem. Over 1,000 families have already signed up, mostly from word of mouth. Many of the parents are professionals who want a nanny but find the cost to be prohibitive.’

The launch comes as London mayor Sadiq Khan calls on employers across London to help make childcare more accessible for working families. He praised the introduction of a new childcare deposit loan across all organisations in Greater London, helping parents across the capital get back to work. Childcare in London currently costs 34% more than the national average, with 90% of providers charging an upfront cost of up to £1,500.

‘The benefits of accessible, good quality childcare are clear all round,’ said Khan. ‘Parents will be able to return to work, children will have more access to quality early years education, and employers will be able to reap the benefits of having skilled and eager parents back in the workplace’.