World Class Maternity Services at The Portland Hospital

From the moment of your positive pregnancy test to the day you take your newborn baby home for the first time, you need to know that both your health and the health of your child are in the best possible hands. The world class maternity services at The Portland Hospital ensure that nothing is left to chance when it comes to monitoring your pregnancy and identifying potential problems as quickly as possible.

A little about The Portland Hospital

The Portland Hospital is the UK’s only fully private hospital for women and children. Home to more than 300 experienced healthcare professionals, the hospital has garnered a worldwide reputation for delivering exceptionally high levels of maternity care in comfortable and clean surroundings.

There are more than 70 consultant obstetricians based at The Portland Hospital, many of whom hold leading positions in respected NHS teaching hospitals, including Great Ormond Street and University College Hospital. These hugely experienced consultants deliver more than 1,600 babies every year at The Portland.

Most antenatal patients attending The Portland Hospital will be able to choose between midwife-led and consultant-led care, which puts mums-to-be in charge of both their pregnancy and their labour. But every expectant mother is assigned her own named consultant obstetrician – who is always on hand to deal with emergency situations, answer questions and provide reassurance.

The Portland Hospital is home to exceptional accommodation, including en-suite rooms and luxurious suites. There are also facilities for the accommodation of partners, so you never have to worry about spending time alone.

State-of-the-art scanning facilities

The Portland Hospital offers the full range of scanning and screening procedures, so you can relax in the knowledge that your health – and the health of your unborn child – is in the safest possible hands. As well as the standard dating and growth scans, you have the option of undergoing combined screening tests and non-invasive prenatal testing – both of which can detect problems such as Down’s, Edwards and Patau’s Syndrome at an early stage. Major chromosomal abnormalities can also be detected early on through amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling.

The Portland Hospital always puts safety first

The safety of you and your unborn child will always be the priority at The Portland Hospital. You are always assured of the very latest facilities and the expert care of experienced clinicians during your time at this world-renowned healthcare institution.

A neonatal unit is comprised of a special care baby unit and a neonatal intensive care unit. Premature babies or those born with serious health problems receive round-the-clock care in this world class facility, which is staffed by the country’s top consultant neonatologists, consultant paediatricians and specialist nurses.

Mothers who require emergency medical care following childbirth are also well taken care of at The Portland Hospital. The adult high dependency unit is well equipped for the full range of potential health problems that can befall new mothers, including pre-eclampsia, haemorrhage and conditions related to diabetes. Those who require adult intensive care services may need to be transferred to sister facility The Princess Grace Hospital – although the need for such a transfer is exceptionally rare.

Antenatal and postnatal classes

The Portland Hospital operates a number of classes designed to make specific elements of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood easier. Run by experienced midwives and resident childbirth educators, most of these classes are suitable for couples.

Among the most popular classes is the Birth and Beyond Antenatal Class, which aims to prepare both a mother and her partner for childbirth and those first few months of parenthood – which can be very tiring and stressful at times. Other classes available at The Portland Hospital include Baby Massage, Prenatal Pilates, Antenatal Breastfeeding and Hypnobirthing. There are also classes to prepare you for a caesarean birth and early parenting. These classes run regularly throughout the year, and they can be booked in person at one of the hospital’s Pregnancy Open Days or on the phone.

Integrated therapies

Both new and expectant mothers can benefit from the wide range of therapies currently available at The Portland Hospital. For instance, antenatal and postnatal physiotherapy can help mothers who are experiencing back and pelvic pain. A physiotherapist will talk you through some effective postnatal exercises during your stay, and an appointment will be arranged for six weeks after your birth to check that your abdominal muscles and pelvic floor have returned to their normal state. Other services to choose from include reflexology, acupuncture, nutrition and Pilates.

The highly experienced, multidisciplinary team of maternity care providers at The Portland Hospital is there with you every step of the way throughout your pregnancy – keeping you happy, healthy and ready for the rigours of motherhood.

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