The Best Pregnancy and Postnatal Workouts in London


Here are the best pregnancy workouts and exercise classes to check out if you’re based in London.

We’ve created the ultimate workout to the best pregnancy and postnatal workouts in London.

But what if you are pregnant? Can you exercise the way you want, or the way you used to? In an attempt to debunk the myths of prenatal exercise we caught up with Charlie Launder, former head of pre and postnatal at Lomax Bespoke Fitness, to give us the lowdown on exercising while pregnant.

Put all the horror stories you’ve been told to the back of your mind and focus instead on the things you CAN do…

You CAN exercise and should make the time to ensure you do

Just because your tummy is getting bigger, it doesn’t mean the rest of you has too. Exercises like squats, lunges and pull-ups are all ideal for keeping you strong and toned throughout your pregnancy.

You CAN lift weights

There is always a lot of concern when a pregnant lady is seen holding a pair of dumbbells with a bump, but as long as you pick a weight that is appropriate for you, then there is no reason why you can’t use them to maintain your strength. Lifting weights not only keeps your metabolism fired up but also, most importantly, helps your body return to its former glory after pregnancy.

You CAN keep a strong core

Keeping a strong core is not only important for helping you get back into your jeans after your little one arrives, but it will also help support your body throughout its many changes during the pregnancy itself. There are plenty of options available to build a strong core during pregnancy. The secret to success is all about learning to engage the core properly in order to maintain stability in all the exercises you perform, so focusing on the perfect posture and technique is essential.

You CAN rest

Your body is undergoing huge changes and while it is encouraged that you stay active and exercise throughout the pregnancy, it is also very important that you allow yourself enough time to rest. You will find that you become tired more easily, especially in the first trimester, so listen to what your body tells you and react accordingly. Don’t try to cram too much into your day – eat well, sleep well, even take naps and enjoy them while you can.

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gym-mainThe Best Pregnancy and Postnatal Workouts in London

Maternally Fit, across London

In various locations across the capital, Maternally Fit is an incredibly specialised fitness class for pregnant women.
PreNatal: Led by women’s health physiotherapists and experts, these classes aim to boost wellbeing and energy levels, create a stronger body with better posture, reduce stress levels, improve pelvic floor muscle function and assist with pregnancy weight management.
Postnatal: Specialised Beyond Birth classes cater for exercise post-bump.

More information at

Move Your Frame, Queens Park or Shoreditch

This is a sassy dance, fitness and holistic studio that oozes personality. Who couldn’t fall in love with a facility offering classes called The Little Black Dress Workshop and Bend it Like Barbie?
PreNatal: Prenatal Pilates, pregnancy yoga or the special fusion class Frame Bumps.
PostNatal: A specialised workout of boxing, cheerleading and toning all done to a killer soundtrack. There’s also space for babies to chill in the studio.

More information at

The Third Space, Soho

An integrated health and fitness centre with its own on-site private medical practice.
The services for expectant mothers (and their partners) cover everything from deep tissue massages to psychological therapy.
Prenatal: Pilates, gyrotonics and yoga are all pregnancy-specific and available as
one-to-one sessions.
PostNatal: Postnatal massages and reflexology feature largely, as well as standard classes tweaked to cater for new mums.

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Reebok Sports Club, Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf’s Reebok Sports Club is perfect for city girls with steam to blow off.
PreNatal: Bespoke pregnancy classes aim to reduce discomfort, relieve stress and help you sleep.
PostNatal: These classes aim to maximise health and strength after childbirth.

More information at

Pilates Squared, Gloucester Wharf

Mixing Pilates, dance, yoga, TRX and strength training to not only help you body adjust to pregnancy, but prepare for the changes of childbirth and parenthood, Pilates Squared is a must for Pilates loving mums and mums to be.

Situated in London’s Gloucester Road, the Pilates Squares studio is fully equipped with state of the art apparatus which founder Caron Bosler and her team of instructors incorporate into tailored workout focussing on your individual goals and fitness levels.

More information at

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