Win a WaterWipes With Soapberry Bundle

Wipe away the mess without the need for any harsh chemicals.

Messy baby eating food in high chair kitchen win a water wipes with soapberry bundle
Baby's first messy meals are no match for the cleaning power of WaterWipes with Soapberry

Combining the purity of water with Soapberry’s natural herbal cleaning power, this new wipe is specifically designed for growing babies – and their messes

WaterWipes is the original concept of a father whose newborn daughter suffered with sensitive skin and severe nappy rash – concerned, he set about creating a pure and safe product line for parents, and so the world’s purest baby wipes, WaterWipes, were born. 

The brand’s latest launch sees a brand new wipe: WaterWipes with Soapberry. Designed for growing babies and made with 99.9 per cent water, plus a drop of fruit and Soapberry extract, they provide the same purity parents rely on from WaterWipes, while harnessing the natural herbal cleaning properties of Soapberry. 

WaterWipes with Soapberry wipes Win a WaterWipes with Soapberry bundle

WaterWipes believes there’s never a good time to start putting chemicals on your baby’s skin – no matter how messy your little one gets as they start exploring. That’s why soapberries (Sapindus trifoliatus) – a tree fruit that contains saponin which acts as a natural and gentle cleanser with skin conditioning properties – was chosen for this new launch. Unlike soap, they don’t have a drying effect on the skin with repeated use, and are non-irritant. WaterWipes with Soapberry contains no soap, fragrances or parabens and have been accredited by Allergy UK.

Whether your baby is trying spaghetti with tomato sauce for the first time – and ends up with more on their face than in their mouth, or if they’re perfecting their crawl in a muddy garden, WaterWipes with Soapberry is the perfect wipe to gently cleanse the hands, faces and bottoms of growing babies who are starting to really engage with the wider world around them for the first time.

To celebrate the new launch, we’ve teamed up with WaterWipes to offer one winner a Purity Soapberry with WaterWipes bundle (worth £250 over a three-month period), to ensure you have all of those exciting, messy first moments covered. To, simply enter your details in the form below. Good luck!

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