Win a Pregnancy Journey Online Course with an Expert Midwife Worth £370


We have teamed up with Midwife Pip, an expert practicing midwife who is dedicated to ensuring all expectant and new mums feel like superwomen during their journey into motherhood, to offer a Pregnancy Journey Online Course worth £370.

Midwife Pip is passionate about empowering women with the knowledge they need to have a positive experience throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Midwife Pip shares her wealth of knowledge and experience on this informative, engaging and accessible online course alongside an abundance of real mum conversation and insights through her website, podcast and social media platforms.

Midwife Pip

The Prize: Pregnancy Journey Online Course

  • Expert information: Midwife Pip will hold your hand through all stages of pregnancy from Trimester 1 to Trimester 3 ensuring you understand and manage all the changes your body is going through and the hurdles and challenges you maybe faced with.
  • Accessible anywhere: Our leading education platform with over 90 videos allows you to access the support and information anywhere in the world through any device and on our app. This ensures you have Midwife Pip at the palm of your hand, any place, any time so you don’t have to use Dr Google!
  • Live calls with Midwife Pip: Chat live with Pip so she gets to know you personally, understand your goals and supports you to achieve them. This extra support alongside all your videos, PDF’s allows for an immersive experience where Midwife Pip can fully support you.
  • Access to Midwife Pip 24/7: Making sure you have all your questions answered and feel fully supported.
  • Community: Allowing you to get to know other expectant parents and embrace the benefit of 360-degree support. When women support other women, amazing things happen!

competitionEach course delivers engaging content across an abundance of friendly and helpful videos, downloadable content, and workbooks, all available anytime, anywhere.

In over 90 videos, Pip supports mums with key pieces of advice on each topic in detail. Broken into modules, each category finishes with a downloadable document for mums to fill out and upload to track their thoughts, feelings and progress.

Your Pregnancy Journey will equip you with the information, tools and tips you need to have an informed and positive journey into motherhood.

To enter this competition to win a Pregnancy Journey Online Course with Midwife Pip worth £370, simply enter below. Competition ends Sunday 20 November:

Midwife Pip also offers two other curated and iconic courses to provide the all important support: Your Antenatal and Hypnobirthing Course and Your Breastfeeding Journey. Find out more about all her courses at

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