Win an Owlet Baby Monitor Duo Worth £389

owlet baby monitor duo review

Here’s how you could win an Owlet Baby Monitor Duo, with £389, for optimum peace of mind when your baby’s sleeping.

We’ve teamed up with our good friends over at Owlet to give away their fantastic Baby Monitor Duo worth £389. The Cam and Sock duo is the very first of its kind, combining the ability to track baby’s sleep as well as monitoring heart rate and oxygen levels. Expecting parents, this is a must-have piece of tech when striving for the elusive full night’s sleep.

Owlet’s award-winning product has the sole aim of restoring peace of mind for parents – it has a proven track record of doing so, too! Over 1.5 million parents around the world have turned to Owlet – 96% of them have said they feel less anxious about their little ones as a result.


The combination of the Cam and Smart Sock helps to provide parents with the complete picture of baby’s well-being, meaning you have total visibility whenever you need it. Owlet only alerts parents when your baby really needs you, hopefully bringing an end to unnecessary false alarms.

What’s more, the Cam streams HD video to your phone over secure, encrypted connection. Owlet empowers and helps you worry a little less about baby’s well-being. With Owlet, you can do more, relax more and sleep more, too.

owlet-smart-sock-cam-duoAs for the Smart Sock 3, there is no need to worry about your battery life. Enhanced wireless charging now means you can charge the Smart Sock in just 90 minutes, with a battery life of 16 hours. If you’re in a hurry, not to worry. There is also the option of a 30-minute quick charge for 8 hours of battery life.

But Owlet doesn’t just help with the big stuff. As well as being used for those significant developmental milestones, the Smart Sock can be a real useful tool for day-to-day situations. It can also be used for learning the trends in baby’s heart rate, so you can know when they’re in a deep sleep and how careful you need to be when closing that bedroom door. You can learn about your little one’s sleep trends and prepare a bottle just as they are waking up.

Simply fill out the form below to be in with a chance of winning the Owlet Baby Monitor Duo

Don’t just take our word for it, Owlet’s customers are constantly sharing their stories with us!

“I purchased the Owlet Duo when I was pregnant because my friend had one and swore by it…This is my favourite baby item I have!” says one happy customer.

That’s some praise and by the sounds of it, £389 for such a brilliant piece of lifestyle tech is complete steal! Imagine being able to win one for free…

Good luck!

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