Superdrug Launches Whooping Cough Vaccination Service

Whooping Cough Vaccination

Following a rise in Whooping Cough cases, Superdrug are offering a vaccination service for pregnant women.

Whooping cough is on the rise across England and Wales with 1,596 cases reported in the first half of 2019. In view of this Superdrug has launched a Whooping Cough Vaccination Service in all 59 of its nurse clinics, making it the first high street retailer to offer the vaccination.

The vaccination is offered to all pregnant women from 16-38 weeks gestation. This ensures antibodies are passed to the baby for protection in their first few months, before childhood immunisations begin.

The Vaccine Knowledge Project Group reported this year, that only 70% of pregnant women are receiving the whooping cough vaccination. There are still 30% who are not being vaccinated.

The vaccination is available for free on the NHS. However, for pregnant women who choose to have it privately, Superdrug provides an alternative to visiting a GP surgery. The injection costs £85 at Superdrug Health clinics.

Whooping Cough

Whooping cough has similar symptoms to a cold starting with a runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat and raised temperature. After a week, this develops into violent coughing which can lead to exhaustion and in extreme cases death.

Michael Henry, Superdrug’s Healthcare Director is delighted to be offering the whooping cough vaccination service. It is important for Superdrug to offer support to customers though in-store nurses and vaccination information.

The vaccine is becoming increasingly accessible as a result of Superdrug offering this private service.

Find your nearest Superdrug Health clinic here and book online today or by calling 0333 607 265.

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