Your baby during the first trimester

Your pregnancy journey has just begun – here’s what is going on with your baby

What’s happening with your baby during the first trimester?

By week four, the embryo (which is actually only two weeks old) looks a bit like a tadpole but much smaller – about the size of half a grain of rice. She has already developed a vague head shape and a heart that is beginning to pump. At week eight, the embryo weighs about a gram, already has a little tongue and is developing taste buds. Her facial features are becoming more distinct and her heart is fully functioning and pumping blood around the body.

DID YOU KNOW? Sperm can live up to seven days, and an egg 24 hours, so actual conception may have occurred a few days after intercourse

At the beginning of the third month your embryo graduates into a fetus and is beginning to grow quickly. During this month the bones and cartilage are forming and the fetus is beginning to swallow. By week 13 she weighs around 23g, is about 7-8cm long and has eyes and ears, fingernails and even tooth buds. In fruit language she’s roughly the size of a lime. Your fetus has now completed most of her development and the important systems are fully formed. From now on, it’s all about the growing.

This guide is provided to you by sisters Marina Fogle and Dr Chiara Hunt, founders of The Bump Class.

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