Welcome to the world Thomas Oliver Tijerina

Thomas Oliver Tijerina
Son of Gabriela Rodriguez Elesgaray and Greg Tijerina
Born on the 31st of December 2010
At Chelsea and Westminster Hospital
Weighing 3.61kg / 7lb 15oz

Gaby and Greg are quite the globe trotting couple, but they could hardly have imagined, when they first met as flatmates in New York, that six years later they would be married, living in London, and the proud parents of a baby boy.

“Greg and I didn’t know each other before we shared the flat,” says Gaby, “but we got along really well and became very good friends. After months of living together we decided to give it a shot as a couple. We didn’t know whether it would work out – but here we are!”

Gaby and Greg, who is American, spent two years together in New York before moving to Gaby’s home country of Argentina. In 2010 the couple decided to move to London, and settled in Notting Hill. “We both work in finance, so London seemed like the ideal city – and London has a much better balance between work and personal life than New York.”

Gaby has always known that she wanted to have children one day. “I love kids, I love my nephews – I always wanted to be a mum, so when the right moment came I felt ready.”

The couple were very excited to find out that Gaby was pregnant, and immediately began to plan for their new arrival. Tommy was to be a first grandchild for Greg’s parents, but the sixth for Gaby’s, who already had five grandsons. “Everyone was expecting it to be a girl, and we were convinced that it was a girl too, but we found out at the second scan that the baby was a boy. All my nephews were very pleased – they’re planning to form a football team! Of course, Greg and I would have been happy either way.”

And it seems as though Gaby is a natural at the whole parenthood thing – she had such a smooth pregnancy that she even managed to carry on running until the sixth month. “I felt amazing. I didn’t have any morning sickness or pains. I enjoyed the changes in my body, and I took pictures of my bump every other week to see the progress.”

Nine days after her due date, in the middle of the night, Gaby started to have contractions. She spoke to the midwives, who advised her to stay at home until the contractions became more regular and frequent, and, in the morning, when Gaby’s waters broke, she and Greg headed in to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

“The birth itself was not exactly a smooth experience,” says Gaby, “but thankfully Greg was there with me the entire time. After a hard labour, I felt blessed when I first saw Tommy and held him. He’s such a healthy, strong little boy! Greg and I fell completely in love with him straight away.”

The new family were able to go home the next day, and Gaby’s parents, who were visiting from Argentina, had organised a lunch to celebrate the arrival of their newest grandson – and New Year’s Day.

It seems that Gaby is now sailing through motherhood, just as she sailed through her pregnancy. “I started breastfeeding at the hospital without any problems, and I’m still doing it. I’ve developed a very strong bond with Tommy, and I feel great in my new role as a mother. Our life as a family is everything we always dreamed of. We look forward to seeing Tommy grow, and we’re enjoying every part of the process.”

“The only person who had a hard time accepting the new arrival was Pepa, our King Charles Spaniel, but now she loves him just as much as we do!”

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