Weaning Essentials: Your Weaning Survival Kit

Doddl Baby Cutlery

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We’ve collated a handy list of weaning essentials to help you kickstart your little one’s journey of food discovery.

The weaning process can seem a little daunting at times, and with access to a wealth of often conflicting information online, just knowing when to start can be the first challenge – let alone thinking about recipes or dealing with fussy babies.

However, as parents we are still determined to give our babies the healthiest possible start in life, and so brushing up on weaning knowledge and stocking up on weaning essentials is a must.

8 Top Weaning Essentials

From meal-time must-haves to recipe ideas and expert advice, we’ve collated everything you’ll need to help you navigate your way through the weaning process as safely and seamlessly as possible.

Keep drinking easy with Babycup Sippeco First Cups

baby cup sippy cup-weaning-essentialsThese super-cute little open cups are a weaning essential that look good and do good – and are recognised by dentists and orthodontists as the healthy first cup option.

Designed by a mum, Babycup Sippeco First Cups are specially-sized for little hands and mouths to help encourage sipping, natural drinking, independence and fine motor skills.

They can be used across multiple weaning stages from six months until around two to two-and-a-half years. They are also suitable for first sips of baby’s milk from four months and can also be used to support infant milk-feeding in the early weeks and months.

They are translucent so little ones can see inside, BPA-free, biodegradable, recyclable, Made in Britain and approved by the Oral Health Foundation as the healthy option for babies and toddlers.

£8.99 for a pack of four cups. Available from Babycup, Amazon and JoJo Maman Bébé

Buy now at babycup.com.

Keep them clean & dry during the messiest of meals with Bibado Coveralls

bibado-weaning-essentialsBibado are an award-winning UK baby brand offering easy-wipe, 100% waterproof stain-resistant coveralls that are already a favourite with one in six weaning families in the UK.

The coveralls allow curious little ones the freedom to explore and get messy with new foods at mealtimes, whilst their clothes remain dry and clean underneath! Super versatile, they can be used on all highchairs, pushchairs and table ends, making them perfect for family mealtimes at home as well as when out and about.

You’ll also love the game-changing ‘no-drop’ Handi Cutlery which attach directly onto the coveralls. This lets them drop their cutlery as many times as it takes for them to get the hang of it, minimising frustrations at mealtimes whilst also supporting their development.

Try for yourselves with 20% off the entire Bibado range by adding code BABYMAG20 at checkout.

Buy now at www.bibado.co.uk.

Keep prepping mess-free with the Babymoov Nutribaby ONE 4in1 Baby Food Steamer Blender

baby-moov-weaning-essentialsNutribaby ONE, from the award-winning Nutribaby range, is the ultimate multi-function food prep maker to aid your weaning journey from six months.

Designed to steam, blend, reheat and defrost and sterilise small feeding accessories in one stylish unit, Nutribaby ONE enables easy food prep for parents and nutritious, speedy meals for baby.

With a large cooking capacity of 2L, batch cooking for the week is done in under 20 minutes and mess-free thanks to its dishwasher friendly blender jug and steaming baskets. The food steamer guide included tells you the correct amount of water to add (depending on the food you are steam cooking) and Nutribaby ONE will do the rest.

RRP £119.99.

Buy now at www.babymoov.co.uk.

Nourish your little one with Nom Nom reusable pouches

weaning-essentials-nomnomWouldn’t it be amazing if you could make your own versions of the pouches you can find in the supermarkets? Nom Nom have perfected a reusable pouch to help you do exactly that!

Simply blend up your own foods and fill your pouches, spoon in yoghurts or pour in baby-friendly smoothies, making weaning and toddler snacks child’s play!

Perfect for on-the-go adventures and eating out, the pouches are filled through a wide opening at the side and sealed with an air-tight double zip. The base also opens wide for extra volume. All Nom Nom Kids products fold flat after use and are freezer safe, dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Pack of four reusable pouches for £10. Available at Nom Nom Kids online or Amazon.

Buy now at nomnomkids.co.uk.

Wean with confidence with Poppets baby food

poppets-weaning-essentialsPoppets baby food is a healthy and hassle-free approach to weaning. Plant-based meals packed with superfoods, they ensure your baby has the best nutrition, as well as tasting great.

Poppets uses the highest quality organic ingredients, avoiding the 14 major allergens. All meals are handmade to order and flash-frozen to preserve nutrients and texture, as well as delivered frozen in beautiful cubes. They also use minimal packaging – great for the environment and freezer space!

Poppets’ flavour combinations are thoughtfully created to encourage babies to enjoy a wide range of exciting ingredients that reflect a modern approach to eating. There are no hidden ingredients and they use the best organic suppliers, with a seasonally-changing menu using British ingredients wherever possible. All meals are paediatric dietitian approved.

Get 10% off your first order with code NEWPOPPETS. Prices start at £1 per meal and can be bought via their website (subscription options also available).

Buy now at poppetsbabyfood.co.uk.

Try new recipes with For Aisha


Weaning your little one is one of the most enjoyable experiences of parenthood, and it is important to introduce your baby to a varied diet from the beginning.

Launched in 2015, For Aisha was the pioneer in introducing a range of diversified and inclusive baby food recipes, bringing an amazing world a little bit closer. At the heart of For Aisha is a desire to search out, explore tastes, flavours and experiences, and embrace places, people and cultures.

For Aisha caters for important dietary needs suitable from seven months old to three years old. The nutritious meals are dietitian and SugarWise approved, made with natural ingredients, made without dairy, egg or soya, and are British halal certified. The exotic recipes are gently flavoured with herbs and spices to expand your child’s palate. For Aisha – Explore, Embrace, Taste.

Find For Aisha at Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Ocado, Amazon, or purchase from their website at www.foraisha.com.

Buy now at foraisha.com.

Encourage self-feeding with Doddl’s baby cutlery set


If you want to help your baby get to grips with cutlery as they start their weaning journey, look no further than the doddl baby cutlery set.

The fork and spoon complements baby-led weaning with a design that makes it safe and easy for babies to use when exploring new tastes and textures with their cutlery – helping your baby learn valuable mealtime skills.

The short, contoured handles make it easy to grip, avoiding the gag risk of long-handled spoons – and the expertly-placed soft touch areas help encourage that all important pincer grip strength.

The two utensils in the set will encourage your baby to hold a piece in each hand, developing both sides of their brain equally and helping them become much more familiar and comfortable with using a fork and spoon; getting them ready to progress onto doddl children’s cutlery.

Available at Boots.com, JoJo, Kidly and doddl.com.

Buy now at doddl.com.

Minimise mealtime mess with EasyTots feeding accessories

easytot-weaning-essentialsAs seen on Dragons’ Den, EasyTots helps make weaning easier for parents and is the UK’s go-to store for weaning products and feeding accessories to encourage independent self-feeding and drinking, with less hassle and mess.

EasyTots’ signature products include multiple different styles of EasyMat suction plates with five points of suction. The world’s first compact and foldable suction plates, they’re made for everyday feeding and portable for meals on the go. Their new DinkyCup is aimed at aiding babies to learn to self-sip from an open cup right from the start.

Use code WEAN10 for 10% off and free cutlery.

Buy now from easytots.com.

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