Vogue Williams Talks Plans for Theodore’s First Birthday and her Motherhood Journey so far

Vogue Williams
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TV presenter and DJ Vogue Williams talks juggling work and motherhood, storytime and shopping for baby Theodore

Vogue Williams has clearly taken motherhood in her stride since giving birth to baby Theodore back in 2018. Here, we catch up with the Irish TV presenter and DJ to discuss baby brands, first birthdays, and her wishes for her son as he grows up.

How has your first year of motherhood been so far?

Demanding, but it’s been the best time of my life – I wouldn’t change it for the world. Yes, it’s exhausting, but even when I’m meant to have a morning off and Spencer gets up with Theodore, once I hear him chatting away, I just can’t stay in bed. I have to spend the morning with him! You have that fear of missing every precious moment.

How are you coping with the work-life balance?

I’m still juggling it! I always feel guilty, regardless of whether the best job in the world comes up and I really want to do it, I still feel guilty leaving Theodore. I’ve done one night so far, so I’m building it up slowly.

You regularly post about working out on Instagram; how did you find getting back into exercise after pregnancy?

I didn’t feel any pressure to get back into it, but it took a lot longer than I thought it would.
I knew that you’re supposed to wait six weeks; I did try to do some light exercise before that, but I just wasn’t ready. I think I ended up waiting around seven or eight weeks in the end. I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would, but it was nice to get back into it when I was able to.

You’re working with Fairy Non-Bio on its #ToMyBaby campaign, which is encouraging parents to share their wishes for their children as they grow. Why did you get involved?

I think the campaign is really beautiful. The three things you want for your child are for them to be healthy, happy and loved, so I just love the message behind it.

And it’s great that it’s helping other families through Great Ormond Street Hospital, as Fairy Non-Bio is donating £1 for every wish shared using the hashtag #ToMyBaby. In Ireland, the Fairy Liquid campaigns were always a big thing, and now I get to be one of the Fairy mums. It’s amazing!

What are your wishes for Theodore as he grows up?

I’d hope that he wouldn’t experience any pressure, and I’d hope that we’re in an age where everyone can be comfortable in who they are. For example, I wouldn’t go into a toy shop
and force him to buy a truck if he didn’t want one – if he wanted a doll, he could have
a doll. When I was younger, my brother had a doll, and I don’t think that was viewed as strange – and that’s going back 30 years! The most important thing is that Theodore is happy and comfortable in himself.

Theodore is turning one in September. Do you have any exciting birthday plans?

We’re definitely going to do something to mark the occasion! We’ll probably just have a lunch at home with close family and friends, and save the bigger birthday celebrations for when he’s a bit older.

Is storytime a big thing in your house? Does Theodore have any favourite books he likes you to read to him?

He loves books, and I try to read to him a lot. I used to pack lots of toys whenever we were going on a flight, but now I just bring books because they keep him entertained for so much longer! Books also bring me back to my own childhood, and we read the classics like Where’s Spot?. He also loves That’s not my lion and Where is the Frog?.

Vogue Williams
Instagram @voguewilliams

We have a nanny for 15 hours a week and she has a grandson who’s 18 months, so she brings Theodore loads of his old books, so that’s probably why he’s so into them.

Where do you like to shop for Theodore’s clothes?

There’s so many baby brands that I love, like Patachou and Rachel Riley, but I also love high-street stuff. You can’t beat Zara and Gap; they always have great sales. Marks & Spencer and Next are great, too – the list is endless!

Any favourite interior brands for his bedroom?

We were very lucky to have Ventura design his nursery, which we worked on before he was born, and it’s probably my favourite room in the house. I think when he eventually moves out, we’ll turn it into a playroom, but it’s just the perfect, relaxed little space right now.

What do you like to do when you have time to yourself?

I like to go out training. Usually when I exercise, I go for a run with Theodore in the buggy, or have him sit with me on the balcony, so I like to go out with my trainer when I can. I also love a facial! But I don’t get much time, and if I’m working, I like to spend the rest
of my time with Theodore.

What’s your favourite thing about being a mum?

The unconditional love, and seeing your baby change and pick up new skills every day, which is really exciting to watch. 

Vogue Williams has partnered with Fairy Non-Bio and Great Ormond Street Hospital on the #ToMyBaby campaign. For every share of the video or letter using #ToMyBaby, Fairy Non Bio will donate £1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Find out more here.

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