Unusual and Unique Baby Names


Here’s our pick of unique baby names for your little boy or girl.

When the time comes for you to decide a name for your baby, the world is your oyster. You may want it to be out of the ordinary, and with so many varieties out there to choose from the list is endless. Ranging from modern to traditional names to baby names inspired by Greek mythology, there’s a whole bunch of unusual and unique baby names to consider.

Expecting a newborn can be a fun and exciting time. Your mind is filled with different types of hopes and dreams of how you expect the baby to be. One of the most common factors for all parents to have is that they want their baby to grow up with a bold personality and strong character. And no better way to do that is by giving them a totally unusual and unique name.

From names such as Tamari and Horacio, we’ve rounded up the beautifully unusual and unique names for you to give your baby. Whether you have found out the gender of your gender or have chosen to keep it a surprise- it is now time to decide a name for your future son or daughter.

Top Unusual And Unique Names For Boys


Origin: French

Meaning: Deriving from the noun of ‘amie’- translating as a friend or a beloved.


Origin: German

Meaning: A city in Germany, meaning ‘people of the riverside forest’.


Origin: Old English

Meaning: A symbol of courage and speed in the Middle Ages.


Origin: German

Meaning: Derived from the German word ‘Kal’- which translates to mean ‘bald’. It is also the surname of famous painter Frida Kahlo.


Origin: Greek

Meaning: God is gracious.


Origin: English

Meaning: A priest’s cottage.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Time keeper

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Top Unusual And Unique Names For Girls


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Eagle


Origin: Italian

Meaning: Little girl


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Order, Decency


Origin: Nature

Meaning: Bird of peace


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Sparkling, The Fiery Sun


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Palm tree


Origin: Greek

Meaning: West wind

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