Most Popular Unisex Baby Names

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James, Ruby and Riley are just three of the most popular unisex names given to babies in England and Wales. But which other names made the list?

In this day and age, it won’t come as a surprise to many people that unisex baby names are becoming the next big thing. After becoming one of 2019’s latest baby name trends, gender-neutral names have become very popular amongst parents.

Many celebrity parents, including the Kardashians, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, and Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have opted for unisex names for their little ones. Even brands like John Lewis and River Island, who are synonymous with selling children’s clothes, accessories and toys, are producing more gender-neutral products to move with the times.

Online marketplace took to the Office of National Statistics and baby-naming site, to find out which gender-neutral baby names were hitting the top spots.

They onducted a survey with 1,466 parents to find out what might be causing this fast-growing trend. Their data revealed that 45% of Brits would be happy to choose a unisex name for their baby. However, 32% said they believe a non-gender-neutral name would limit their child.

Most Popular Unisex Baby Names

Noah, Charlie and James came out as the top three favourites, followed by Max, Logan, Ruby and Evelyn. Other, more unfamiliar names that made the list include Arlo, Mason and Harper.

Most popular unisex baby names
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More Gender-neutral Baby Names


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Meadow


Origin: French

Meaning: Leader of elves.


Origin: Middle English

Meaning: Bailiff


Origin: English

Meaning: Merry


Origin: Irish

Meaning: Water, Small Stream


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Ascent


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Harp Player


Origin: African

Meaning: Faith


Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Wealthy


Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Fierce


Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Son of the wise ruler.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Roman Goddess of peace.


Origin: Latin

Meaning: Ripriverbank


Origin: Greek

Meaning: Crown, Victorious


Origin: English

Meaning: Leather Worker


Origin: English

Meaning: Born in the winter

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