Turning Heads: Mums Talk Head Lice at the School Gates

We asked 250 mums dropping off or collecting children from 10 different schools around the UK to let off a head of steam about that most infectious of topics: head lice. The results may cause you to scratch your head in surprise…

How embarrassing…

• More mums would be embarrassed to find their child had passed on head lice to a peer than if he/she had passed on family gossip.
• Only bad language is considered more embarrassing than kids spreading head lice to each other.

Kindness matters

We asked mums to tell us what was MOST important to them in a head lice treatment. If you guessed “no smell,” you’d be wrong. Efficacy, gentle on the head and suitability to treat the whole family make the top 3!

Mind over bathing…and shopping!

We always knew mums were selfless, but did you know that more mums surveyed think that treating their child’s head lice provides greater benefit than bathing their kids? It even ranked higher than doing the weekly grocery shop online. 2 Now that’s love.

Some very alternative treatments

We asked mums to share some of the wackier solutions they’ve tried for treating head lice, and their answers sounded more like ingredients for a salad than a recipe for lice-busting:
• Butter
• Olive oil
• Vinegar
• Garlic cloves
• Lemon juice and mayonnaise
• Beaten eggs
Or the most extreme answer: shave it all off!

To get more quirky facts on head lice and hear tips from healthcare professionals, go to www.linicin-headlice.co.uk. Linicin® Lotion 15 min can be purchased online or at local independent pharmacies throughout the UK.  See the website for a full list of stockists.