Review: Mountain Buggy Nano

Going away this Christmas? Claire Eastwood reviews the Mountain Buggy Nano in its made for environment, the airport

Until recently I’ve travelled without a pushchair, carrying baby Willow in my Ergobaby, which has worked wonderfully. However, on my last trip, I was nearly broken after standing in the line at T5 passport control for up to 40 minutes, carrying Willow – now a delicate 9.9kg – and my big bag of stuff. Time to look for an airport-friendly pushchair. The Mountain Buggy Nano is lightweight, at less than 13lbs, measures 22 x 12.2 x 20ins, when folded it will easily fit into overhead compartments on planes.

The LowDown

As I travel a lot, mostly without my husband, I was anxious to try it. Once I got the hang of putting it up and down, it was simple. With the press of two buttons, the Nano drops in two stages, leaving it the size of a travel satchel. I carried it on my shoulder from the car to the kerb, sprung it open, deposited baby and off we went. We were getting an evening flight to New York, so Willow was tired. Thanks to the Nano’s backrest, she was comfortable. I strolled down the ramp right up to plane doors, whipped Willow out, collapsed the Nano and got on. It slipped easily into the overhead locker, which meant I had it there with me when we landed the other side of the pond. It was a total joy.

Good Looking?

Very. Slick both up and collapsed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 11.50.23

Practicality and Drivability

Excellent. Easy-to-use brake, adjustable leg rest, generous recline and a decent basket – it’s the perfect partner for your city break. In New York, where lifts at subways are scarce, this pushchair was excellent. I was able to lift her over the turnstiles still in the chair, and whip her up and down staircases. It was also nimble in the hustle and bustle on the street.


If Willow’s happy, I’m happy. And Willow was very happy.

The Verdict?

I absolutely love this pushchair. As a travel companion, it really is perfect. For smaller babies, it also accommodates a car seat.