Top Tips for Creating a Gender Neutral Nursery

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With searches for ‘gender neutral nursery’ increasing by 50% over the past 12 months, many parents are shunning stereotypical swathes of pink and blue and considering something much more neutral. To help inspire, we’ve revealed some top tips on creating a gender neutral nursery.

Prepping for the arrival of a new addition to the family is always an exciting time, but when designing a nursery, are bright pinks for girls and baby blues for boys a thing of the past?

For expectant parents looking to create the perfect gender-neutral space, we spoke to the interior design experts from My Bespoke Room who have revealed key design tips to ensure parents can create a nursery that is functional, cosy, comfortable and gender-neutral.

Credit: Toa Heftiba via Unsplash

Lucy Henderson, Head of Design from My Bespoke Room, commented: “We’re seeing a great deal more requests for nursery design schemes that defy gender stereotypes.

“There are several reasons to opt for a gender-neutral nursery, from choosing not to know the gender of the child before birth or deciding not to be limited by these outdated design rules.

“Parents are also realising that they need to take their own styles and tastes into account when decorating their nursery. After all, if you’re going to be spending a great deal of time in a room in the early hours of the morning, do you want to step into a Barbie princess palace or a soft, warm neutral space that puts your baby and you at ease?”

Top Tips for Creating a Gender Neutral Nursery

Avoid Stereotypical Colour Schemes

It might sound obvious, but choosing the right colour scheme is essential when creating a gender-neutral space. Avoid the stereotypical baby blues and hot pinks and consider earthy tones in green or yellow, both joyful, calming and neutral colours.

Sticking to a neutral monochrome palette also works beautifully in a gender-neutral nursery. If you’re considering a white backdrop for your walls, avoid bright, pure white shades and instead choose an off-white, with undertones of yellow – and bring in black accents (hardware, lighting or picture frames) to stop the room feeling too soft and feminine.

Add Pops of Colour With Soft Furnishings

Not everything needs to neutral – bring in pops of colour through fun artwork and soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. Soft furnishings can also help you and your baby to feel comfortable and at ease as well as having the benefit of being able to be quickly and affordably swapped out over time to refresh the look of the space.

A picture ledge is a must-have, so you can easily swap out art and photos over time. This is where you could bring in pops of a subtle pink, if you wish. Despite being traditionally a feminine colour, you can layer pink into your scheme through accents in more muted and dusky pinks – which won’t scream Disney princess at you when you enter the room.


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Pick Functional & Comfortable Furniture

Nurseries are often squeezed into small box bedrooms in a home – so it’s critical when picking furniture for your nursery that it is functional and comfortable.

For nurseries and children’s bedrooms, why not invest in neutral furniture that can adapt over the years as your child grows and their interests change? Simple white or wooden furniture is a great choice, and wooden furniture can have the added benefit of adding a layer of texture to the space preventing it from looking too clinical and uncomfortable. It’s also easy to paint if you want a change.

Ambient Lighting is Key

Whichever sex your baby is, black-out blinds are well worth considering in case your little one is a light sleeper and may be woken up by early morning light. They’re also handy if you want to get them down for a daytime nap!

Soft night lights are also worth considering for babies who like a low-level light at bedtime – they are also handy for those night-time feeds, nappy changes, and dummy hunts!


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Pick Neutral Toys & Accessories

Barbies are for girls and tractors are for boys is a sentiment that’s starting to wane in popularity, but it’s often easy to still veer towards toys that are typical of each gender.

If you want to decorate your nursery with toys and accessories (outside of your baby’s crib, which should only contain a fitted sheet and a light blanket tucked in below your baby’s shoulder level) go for neutral options such as safari or woodland animals and themes like under the sea, rainbows or themes from books like Peter Rabbit.


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