Top Pumping Tips New Mums Need to Know


Every mamma wants her hands free for extra cuddles. But, sitting down to express milk isn’t always convenient. Here, we’ve compiled a list of pumping tips and essentials mums need to know – and how Pippeta can make pumping life that much easier.

Pippeta knows that mums always have plenty to do, and their Pippeta pumps make it possible to pump while on the go. If you’re worried about pumping and how much time it could take, check out our top tips below.

Top Pumping Tips New Mums Need to Know

Try to Pump Regularly

Pumping regularly is a great way to encourage milk production and Pippeta’s hands free pumps are small and lightweight and can be worn inside your nursing bra, with no tubes or wires – making it easier than ever to pump frequently.

Perhaps you’re returning to work and need to express for comfort and to give your little one milk whilst at childcare. With powerful suction, these pumps are very efficient at expressing milk quickly, easily and discreetly so perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle.


Aim to Pump for 15-20 Minutes

You should ideally try and pump for 15-20 minutes – and Pippeta’s ‘Classic’ Pippeta pump makes it possible to pump while on the go as well as dual pumping so the time will fly by. Being small and lightweight, the pump can be worn in two ways, as a dual pump using the tubes included or simply put inside your nursing bra.

Then, simply remove the cup from the pump and empty into your baby bottles or freezing bags.

Go About Your Daily Life

Pumping shouldn’t affect your daily life and you should feel confident enough to go out and about, at work, or get public transport.

The Pippeta pump has no tubes or wires – it’s truly hands free and designed with a curve to fit snug against your breast with a soft silicone cup. It’s quiet, comfortable, easy to clean and easy to assemble.

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Keep a Log

If you’re worried about not pumping enough, why not keep a log of it in your baby’s nursery or the place where you tend to pump the most?

Keep a log on your phone or print one out to track your pumping sessions, feeding and anything else you notice as your baby grows.

Try to Relax

Try placing a warm pad/washcloth on your breasts to encourage milk flow even further before using Pippeta’s inbuilt breast massager before pumping which can stimulate the breast to produce milk.

Then, read something cheerful or listen to soothing music to try and relax – as stress can actually hinder your body’s milk production.

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Stock up as Soon as You Can

Try to get as much pumping done as possible during the first few weeks so you can freeze it and use on those days where you’re tired or have people babysitting – you’ll thank yourself for it!

If you are able, try to breastfeed your baby on one breast and use Pippeta’s compact pump on the other – breastfeeding will encourage your body to produce hormones for milk production. No need to worry about your milk supply – our bodies are extremely clever and make milk 24 hours a day!

Pippeta offers award-winning breast pumps and weaning products. Find out more here.

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