Top Baby Names Inspired By Greek Mythology


Full of creativity and excitement, explore ancient Greek mythology as you search for the perfect name to give your baby. With Gods and Goddess’ of different characteristics, there are so many options to choose from. From Zeus the God of Sky and Thunder to Hestia the Goddess of hearth and chastity.

Take a journey back in time and discover the magnificent characters of Ancient Greek mythology with these Greek-inspired baby names.

Top Greek Mythology Inspired Names For Girls


In Greek mythology, Athena is most famously known as the Goddess of Wisdom. She is the daughter of Zeus and is associated with olive trees and owls.


Translates from Greek as “She that conceals”. Calypso in Greek mythology is the name of the nymph who fell in love with Odysseus- Greek king of Ithaca.


According to Greek mythology, Delphine was the dolphin in service to God of the sea- Poseidon and was given the task to protect the city of Delphi.


Most commonly known in Greek mythology as the Goddess of the heart and chastity. Hestia was one of the first 12 Olympians and sister to Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.


Pandora translates to “all gifts” and is famously known in Greek mythology as the first ever mortal woman. The names derives from the famous myth of ‘Pandora’s box’- where she was given a box by Zeus, in which she was forbidden to open. As a result of her curiosity she opened the box, unleashing all evil spirits into the world.


According to Greek Mythology, Selene was the daughter of Titans Hyperion and Theia. From Greek, it translates to ‘moon’ and ‘brightness’.


Thalia was the Goddess of festivity and rich banquets and one of Zeus’ many children. The name derives from Greek meaning ‘to blossom’

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Top Greek Mythology Inspired Names For Boys


According to Greek mythology, the name Atlas means ‘to carry’. He was a mythical titan who supposedly carried the weight of the world on his shoulders.


Adonis was a known handsome shepard and beloved of Aphrodite- Goddess of love and passion.


This name derives from a trojan warrior who was notably killed by the Greek Achilles. It translates from Greek to mean ‘restrain’.


Son of Greek God Zeus, Perseus is famously know as the Greek hero who defeated Medusa.  Hence, the meaning of his name which translates as ‘to destroy’.


Ruler of all Greek Gods, Zeus is also commonly known as the God of the sky.  Deriving from Indo-European God Dyeus, the name translates to words ‘sky’ and ‘shine’.


According to Greek mythology, Ajax was the second most strongest warrior after Achilles, in which the name translates as ‘eagle’.


Hermes is most famously known as the God of speed and good luck; and messenger to Zeus. He is also know to be the patron saint of travellers, writers, athletes, merchants, thieves and orators.

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