Tom and Giovanna Fletcher welcome their third child

Credit: Instagram @mrsgifletcher

Tom and Giovanna Fletcher have announced the birth of their third child.

Author Giovanna took to Instagram to share a sweet picture of their newborn son, as she snuggled into him in her hospital bed.

The 33-year-old wrote: “Welcome to the world Max Mario Fletcher! Born yesterday at 3:06pm weighing 7pounds.

“We can’t wait to get home and introduce him to his big brothers… they’re very excited! Xxx”.

Tom, also 33, shared another black and white snap of the baby yawning.

He wrote: “Our gorgeous son, Max Mario Fletcher was born yesterday afternoon. We are all totally in love with him and can’t wait to take him home to meet his brothers. WE HAVE THREE BOYS!”

The couple are already parents to sons Buzz, 4, and Buddy Bob, 2.

The newborn’s middle name comes from his uncle, Giovanna’s brother, TOWIE star Mario Falcone, and their father, who also shares the name.

It comes after Giovanna spoke to Baby magazine last week about the prospect of having three children.

She told us: “Having three children is scary but I think going from none to one is a lot scarier because you don’t know what your life is going to be like at all.

“At least this time round, we already know how to change nappies, I know how to be around a baby, whereas when it’s your first, your scared to even pick them up because they’re so tiny.”

And on the possibility of having more kids, Giovanna revealed: “I don’t know if we’ll stop at three.

“You just don’t know what’s going to happen circumstances-wise, if you even can. We’re really lucky with what we’ve got and we’re really happy. Tom did want more but I don’t know.

“We could have a break and be like ‘oh, time to start again and press reset’ and have another one. Having a baby is literally like pressing reset every time.”

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And Giovanna confessed she wasn’t bothered about being outnumbered by boys either.

“I’m not secretly hoping for a girl,” she said. “Because I know boys! Both Buzz and Buddy are so different, every child is different.

“So it would literally be bringing another personality into the mix rather than a different gender.

“I’m not fussed wither way, I just want to welcome a nice healthy baby to the family.

“And the boys are such mummy’s boys, they give me so much love. I’m very happy.”

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