Toddler Development

Toddler sleepingWhether you need help choosing the right nursery, ortackling those tricky toddler tantrums, consult our selection of expert advice and pointers on toddler development. We’ll also keep up to speed on the latest feeding tips and tricks and help you monitor those all-important toddler milestones.

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The new style of potty training

Make potty training that much easier with the brand new, award-winning LumiPotti that has a motion-sensitive night light
Smiling baby

News: Laughter May Boost Learning

We all know laughter is the best medicine, but a team of French scientists has discovered humour appears to help toddlers learn.

Friends or Foes

Research on sibling relationships shows that siblings influence our personalities more than parents, friends and teachers do. Parents need to coach their siblings how to get along, avoid rivalry and build positive and warm relationships.  My...

Child Development: A Problem Shared

We’ve all heard ‘he’s a bit slow’ or ‘she’ll do it in her own time’, but are they fair comments? Dr Ari Mihailidis, an expert in child development, sheds light on these fascinating first stages

Playground Mafia

Sarah Tucker explores the gossiping world of the playground mafia working under cover in our children’s playgrounds. Having spent most of the past ten years at some time of the day in a...

Freedom to Learn

With the unprecedented population surge in recent years, the grassroots home education movement is simply thriving in Britain. Home schooling is fast becoming a viable alternative for many parents wishing to shun conventional education,...

Community Values

The word community is banded about very freely, often meaning particular interest groups as in “the artistic community”, “the rural community” and in many cases, “the school community”.  The interesting question is what...

Advice: Preventing Tantrums From Taking Over Your Life

Tantrums are often the only way toddlers have of expressing themselves, so try to understand how frustrating this must be for your child

Primary Concern

As a new year of reception children start school, Lianne Kolirin asks whether five – or in many cases four – is too young to start in formal education. A child’s first day at school...

An Instrumental Decision

From tuneful tots to mini musicians, when you introduce your child to music, you bestow them with a gift for life. Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to...