Time to Sleep Like Babies…

Beautifully calming song, Sleep Solver Lullaby, is available to download for the first time.

As parents it’s something we become accustomed to, and that’s sleep deprivation. And at times this can be parallel with unhappy babies, who simply aren’t getting enough sleep themselves. There is a whole host of sleeping techniques to try and likewise a surplus of gadgets on the market to calm your baby, but for one couple they found something very close to their hearts that worked for them.

Anthony and Rhoda from Scotland met at an open mic night. Their relationship soon blossomed and both as self-confessed music enthusiasts they wrote several songs and music together. A year after the couple were married their daughter was born. Anthony and Rhoda were soon back on the music scene though, “We visited a friend in Paisley and recorded a piece of guitar music I had composed and had been playing for quite some time,” Anthony recalls. “My wife then added multiple vocal harmonies to the music and our friend added percussion and further guitar. We realised on playback of the track that our daughter had also been recorded during Rhoda’s vocals, aged only three weeks!”

The family played the song continuously, and soon noticed that when played to their daughter during a crying spell she would settle or fall asleep. “The more often we played it, the faster she would become content, so we continued to use this on and off for some time with the same results,” says Anthony.

Soon other family members were given this piece of music and they too had experienced the same thing. “When their child seemed inconsolable our music was played at a volume level to gently surround the child and the child again settled or slept,” says Rhoda.

This has been the same story over the years. Giving their music to other family members, friends, and work colleagues meant that time after time Anthony and Rhoda were having the same results reported back to them. “We gave a copy to one of Rhoda’s friends; she played it continuously to her baby son and was distraught when she lost her copy, begging us for a replacement as soon as we could!” remembers Anthony.

After so much positive feedback, the couple named the song Sleep Solver Lullaby. “We are very proud of what we have created and have enjoyed the feedback from others over the years with how our music has helped them through these times of difficulty,” says Rhoda.

Not wanting to keep this their best-kept secret, the couple are now sharing their beautiful piece of music with babies and parents across the globe.

To download Sleep Solver Lullaby click here