Time to put Fitness First!



ituated near Suffolk’s beautiful heritage coast, you’ll find New You Boot Camps Boutique Boot Camp. Based in an Elizabethan Manor House, dating back to as far as 1566, Boutique Boot Camp offers a luxurious way to kick-start you to embrace a road of health and vitality. Ensuring you’ll leave that Christmas-pudding-shaped rut behind and rightfully replaced with a ‘new you’, fuelled by plenty of energy and vigour to tackle daily life. After all, they are Europe’s leading weight loss and fitness programme.
The workouts are military inspired, incorporating high intensity interval and resistance training. All presented by physical trainers who hold a friendly, but firm, attitude maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere in all the sessions. The trainers focus on individual aims that are outlined at the beginning of the week.

Nutritional, portion-controlled, meals are creatively devised by your personal chef, promoting your body with the correct food for the week’s exertions – this means wheat, dairy and caffeine are prohibited, a scary thought, but what the meals lack in nutritional naughtiness they compensate in flavour and satiety! Meals are carefully designed to keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the hearty workouts.

Catering for all abilities, ages and fitness levels, the trainers push each participant to their individual limits. And with a variety of integrated workouts such as boxing, circuit training, Zumba, cycle rides, stunning beach walks and bijou jogettes (and that’s bespoke exercise plans to you and I) so even the fitness-phobe will find something that’ll appeal.

Alongside submerging to the depths of intensive training, the nutritionist and trainers also offer a personal one-to-one service to give you tips on how to continue your New You journey, ensuring you maintain the results post-camp. Cooking demonstrations are recommended and readily available from the chef. Departing fully equipped with an abundance of recipes that will benefit your new lifestyle. This is a small touch to highlight the staffs’ intentions and caring nature; it is refreshing to know that the results remain at the core.

Shedding the pounds is the drive, but the highlight of the Boot Camp experience is the camaraderie between all the participating ladies. Throughout all the pain (and there is a lot!), sweat and tears, you manage to plough through with an overwhelming sense of achievement at the end! If you’re looking to re-introduce exercise back in to your life and need a step in the right direction, New You Boot Camp makes for a fantastic foundation.

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