Throwing a Baby Shower: Everything you Need to Know

Baby Shower Ideas
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Tasked with throwing a baby shower? We’ve got all the prep, planning tips and inspiration you need for the perfect party.

What is a baby shower?

The Baby Shower is an exciting send-off to your bump and warm up for the arrival of your little one. The perfect opportunity for everyone to gather round and marvel at the bump, try to coax the name out of the parents-to-be and stuff their faces with cake. True to its name, it is an excuse to shower the parents-to-be with love, gifts and positivity.

Make sure your baby shower is as special as the mummy, daddy and baby deserve. Read on to discover our secrets for the perfect baby shower.

Who should organise the baby shower?

baby shower celebrates a different baby and therefore a new family. For this reason, each one is totally unique and there can be no blanket rule. Nevertheless, if you came here, lost, looking for a guide, we are here to help.

Typically, the baby shower is organised by someone other than the parents-to-be, such as a BFF, sibling or grandparent. The reason for this is to avoid any awkward impression of present-fishing. However, if you are the mummy-to-be and you know you’re the best person for the job, your friends and family will know so, too. It’s up to the organisers to sort the invitations, food, decorations and music.


Getting the invite list right for any event can be a source of anxiety. The general rule is: nearest and dearest. Make sure that the grandparents and godparents are around, before sending out the official invitations. Sending invitations in the traditional way is always appreciated. So, if you can, order and post some cute invites which lay out the who, what, where and when. Venue, theme and RSVP are key. It’s always a nice touch when the invite is in line with the colour scheme on the day. Aesthetic consistency is a party planner’s secret to throwing a memorable bash.

Food and Drink

At the end of the day, you can make or break a party with the food. So, how to cater for a baby shower? Sandwiches and cakes are always a safe bet. Deck your venue out with cake stands, stacked with sandwiches and cakes of every variety. White, brown, granary and gluten free bread can be packed full of every filling under the sun. Make sure to cater for everyone from the celiac guests to the vegans to the meat-lovers. The key to every guest’s heart is food. Fruit salads and plates of carrots, peppers and hummus are also always a hit.

Baby Shower Cake Inspiration


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For baby shower cake inspiration head to Instagram and Pinterest, and get lost in endless scrolls of delicious confectionary to see what styles and flavours are trending. This celebration is all about a new baby, so think muted pastel colours, sweet flavours and a tonne of sugary icing. We particularly love the adorable selection of party cakes at Peggy Porschen – a london-based cake shop with serious Instagram goals. Plus, if you’re in need of a venue for baby shower, the dedicated Private Room at Peggy Porschen’s Chelsea Parlour provides a quaint setting to celebrate the impending arrival.

Credit: Peggy Porschen


Baby Shower Colour Schemes and Decorations 

Colour schemes are no longer as black and white (or as blue and pink) as they once were. It’s 2019 and it’s a party; you have the freedom to explore any colour scheme you see fit. Whether that means cream flowers and blue and pink balloons ,or a blank, white canvas bursting with greenery, the colour scheme can be unique to you.


Baby Shower Pastel Colours

A pastel colour scheme with ice cream colours, draped with blossoms and fairy lights will give your baby shower that delicate touch. Naked cakes, scantily iced in pale pinks, blues, yellows and purples are subtly inviting. Stacks of fairy cakes, cookies and other sweet treats are the key to this kind of a baby shower. The sweeter the better.

Bright Colours

Baby Shower Ideas Bright Colours
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Or maybe you’d prefer boldly coloured  bunting and an array of balloons in every colour of the rainbow. Choosing to make your baby shower bright and colourful could be the perfect way to build up an element of childish excitement. It’s a celebration of life and your baby coming into the world. Why not make it the happiest affair possible?


Rochelle Humes Baby Shower
Credit: Instagram @rochellehumes

If you prefer not to stray from the classy clean canvas that is whites and creams, you are not alone. Minimalist chic is a popular choice for mummies-to-be who go with their own tastes, not knowing what their little one’s tastes are, yet! Rochelle Humes opted for a neutral theme of cream and gold hues, filling the tables with white flowers and cute little bags of fluffy popcorn. This is a timeless baby shower idea; you can’t go wrong!

How to Throw a Virtual Baby Shower

Even before the days of the pandemic and social distancing, it was not always possible to get all the friends and family together for a baby shower. However, as we’ve certainly become more equipped at celebrating through a screen, more mums-to-be and their nearest and dearest are opting for virtual baby showers.

Planning a Virtual Baby Shower

It’s safe to say you probably know your way around a Zoom call by now. A virtual or online get together can be a great way to ensure friends and family around the world can all join in. All you need is an email address to get things underway.

Top Tip: While you’ll want to pick a special date and convenient time for the guest of honour, you may also need to consider timezones and routines if your guestlist is made up of people form around the world. Try sending out a pole with possible suggestions ahead of scheduling the event, to encourage as many of the invitees to attend as possible.

Rustic Citrus Invitation by Robinson Creative House via Greenvelope

You can even send out adorable digital baby shower invitations. If you fancy yourself a bit of a design wiz, Canva offers 100s of templates and designs to choose from, so you can have complete creative control of the invites. Otherwise, there are plenty of services offering bespoke and ready-made e-invitations. Greenvelope has a huge range to choose from.

Virtual Baby Shower Games

While many of the classic baby shower games can be adapted for a virtual celebration, one good thing to come out of the pandemic is the vast array of virtual games and entertainment options available. Catering to families and friends separated by social and geographical distancing, lots of exciting small businesses and virtual bundles have popped up with fun new ways to celebrate when you can’t all be together in the flesh.

Virtual Baby Shower Bundle, £12.29, Moment Printables via Etsy

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Etsy has a number of baby shower bundles ready to download, complete with printable games and virtual baby shower ideas.


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