Top 20 things grandparents can learn from their grandchildren

Grandma, mum and baby in the park
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It’s not just the kids who’ve got things to learn – grandchildren can be just as good a teacher as any, helping their grandparents get up to speed with modern day life

What are the things your grandparents taught you? Maybe they showed you how to perfect a favourite family recipe, or perhaps you got your first taste of DIY in the garden shed. Nonetheless, it works the other way round too; there’s plenty that the grandkids can teach their grandparents, from music to emojis.

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To celebrate grandparents everywhere, Disney on Ice has teamed up with Billie Faiers and her family to launch the ‘Very Important Grandparents’ campaign.

In a specially commissioned poll, 76% of grandparents said they were learning from their grandchildren, with 79% claiming spending time with them helped keep them young. With more parents working than ever before, grandparents are spending an increasing amount of time with the grandkids, with 67% of those questioned spending more time with them than they did with their own grandparents when they were young.

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Here’s the top 20 things grandparents are learning from their grandchildren…

  1. How to see the world through innocent eyes
  2. The words to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’
  3. Youth slang
  4. Names of Disney princesses
  5. The names of different superheroes
  6. How to do the ‘Floss’ dance
  7. How to play video and computer games
  8. Family gossip
  9. How to use emojis
  10. How to use a smartphone
  11. How to watch on demand and catch-up TV
  12. How to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  13. Who the latest Youtuber is
  14. How to have a new adventure
  15. How to respect and look after the planet
  16. How to set up a wifi network
  17. How to try new things without fear
  18. What a hashtag is
  19. How to download or stream music
  20. What YOLO means

…and the top 20 things grandchildren learn from their grandparents

  1. Good manners
  2. How to bake or cook
  3. About their family history
  4. How to play card games
  5. How to plant a seed
  6. How to respect elders
  7. How to be a good person
  8. To try new things
  9. Old fashioned jokes
  10. Arts and crafts
  11. History
  12. To never give up
  13. To be brave
  14. To respect the planet
  15. How to sew
  16. How to have a new adventure
  17. How to ride a bike
  18. Maths
  19. How to swim
  20. Geography 

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