The Sustainable Furniture You Need in Your Baby’s Nursery

Sprout 7-in-1 Modular Furniture

Following the success of the multi award-winning Angel BabyBox, Kiki & Sebby are adding an innovative 7-in-1 modular piece of Nursery Furniture to their range.

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The Angel Babybox

The Angel Babybox is a multi award-winning product, having been named ‘Most Innovative Babycrib’ by Lux Magazine for 2020 and 2021, and won an award for the ‘Best Nursery Innovation’ by LovedbyParents.

It is based on the Babybox which has been popular in Finland for 75 years. The Angel Babybox combines this concept with both luxury and longevity to produce a product popular with astute parents around the world.

kiki-sebbyWith the success of their inaugural product, the Angel Babybox, the company has spent two years designing and developing a must-have piece of desirable yet sustainable nursery furniture – the Sprout, a modular 7-in-1 piece of furniture.

Sprout 7-in-1 Modular Furniture

The Sprout is an exciting 7-in-1 modular furniture piece which will grow with your child from the very first night at home right up until late childhood! The gorgeous, Scandi style Sprout starts its life as a crib which is suitable for use from birth.

The perfect, safe place for your newborn to sleep safely up until around 6 months. Not only does it look great in your nursery, the Sprout is made from sustainable rubberwood and features a comfortable, breathable mattress.

kiki-sebbyAs your baby grows, the Sprout can be easily adjusted into a space saving cot suitable for use up until around two years old using the same mattress. This space saving cot size is perfect if you are in your first home or you live in an inner city apartment and are tight for space.

The cot mattress can be quickly removed for use as a playmat/tummy time mat during the day for your baby to relax or play. With lockable, swivel wheels, the Sprout is easily moved from room to room and once your baby has outgrown the cot the additional pull along handle and small wheels turns it into a pull along toy cart.

When your toddler has moved into their bed, the Sprout is easily adjusted once again into a super cute table and chair, ideal for your little one to get crafting and creative.
Following on, the Sprout is easily transformed (again!) into a handy shelving system for your child’s bedroom and then into a chair with additional cushions suitable until late childhood!

Sustainability is at the forefront of Kiki & Sebby’s mission. They take the health of Mother Earth very seriously, with their aim to consider the environment and ensure that all children have a healthy planet to grow up on.

This modular furniture piece can be used for years, saving items of outgrown furniture ending up in landfill. Built using sustainable rubberwood, the Sprout also has minimum plastic usage.

Kiki & Sebby’s Mission Statement is: ‘To create sustainable, safe and luxurious baby products through design, innovation using carefully researched materials.’ Find out more at and follow the brand @kikisebbyuk.

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