The Importance of Posture for Infants


Dr. Perkins, NHS Doctor and founder of baby product brand Eyas discusses poor posture in reclined prams and the best solution to the problem…

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Good posture provides not only physical health, but critically, mental health. When a little one’s spine is aligned correctly, less stress is placed on the joints, bones, and ligaments and this allows muscles to work more efficiently.

Improving posture can help with concentration and research also suggests it can lead to increased self-confidence in children.

It is particularly important for little ones to be aware of good posture because over time, poor spinal development can cause structural anatomical changes to occur. Specifically, babies’ fine and gross motor skill development can be affected by correct spinal development.

Problems with posture in reclined prams

Poor Positioning

We know that most compact prams have a reclined backrest. Research (Nachemson and Elfstrom, 1970) has shown that the optimal seating position to achieve lowest pressure on intervertebral discs is having the spine and backrest at 90 degrees to each other, i.e. no recline and anything greater than this can cause uneven pressure on intervertebral discs.

Excessive Muscle Use

The problem may arise when the backrest of the buggy becomes a stimulus for little ones to lean back rather than use their own muscles to remain upright, and this leads to muscular imbalance, activating certain muscle groups incorrectly.

What are solutions to poor pram posture?

“The Wedge provides an optimal seating position for spinal development for babies 6 months of age” – Dr Roosinovich, UK paediatrician, member of The Royal College of Paediatrics and Childs Health.


  • Using an ergonomic pram cushion – The Wedge ® – that has been shown in evidence-based, peer reviewed research to enhance optimal spinal development from a young age.
  • Minimising time in the pram and, in doing so, encouraging mobility and independence.
  • Encouraging all principles of good posture and starting from an early age!

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