The Best Baby Swaddle Blankets, Wraps & Swaddle Bags

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As a parent your number one job is to keep your precious bundle safe and comforted. This is where swaddle blankets and swaddle wraps come in, safely keeping little ones cosy during bedtime. These are the best swaddle blankets, swaddle wraps and swaddle comforters to buy right now from top baby brands.

What is swaddling a baby?

Swaddling is an age-old practice of wrapping your baby with a blanket tightly around their body, believed to mimic the mother’s womb and give baby comfort. It also helps prevent infants waking themselves with their startle reflex.

Are swaddle blankets safe for newborns?

After spending nine months curled up in the womb, newborns can find their new roomy home outside of their mother a little overwhelming, which can cause havoc at bedtime. This is why swaddle blankets are great for the smallest of babies to help them feel tucked up, secure and cosy again.

Swaddling should only be introduced when your baby is a newborn. As soon as they show signs that they’re learning to roll over or they can already roll over, you need to transition them away from swaddling.

What’s the difference between a sleep sack and a swaddle blanket?

Swaddling your little one means wrapping the blanket securely around them so that they are unable to wriggle out. Baby sleep brand HALO differentiates sleep sacks and swaddles blankets as follows: “While a swaddle is typically a soft blanket, sleep sacks are bodysuits made of a blanket-like material with a hole for your baby’s head and two holes for their arms. The loose fitting “sack” allows your little one to move their legs but does restrict mobility somewhat.

The Best Swaddle Blankets & Swaddle Wraps for Your Baby

Love to Dream Swaddle Up™, £27.99

This multi-award winning zip-up swaddle allows your baby to sleep in a more natural ARMS UP™ position with unique patented wings. Ideal for room temperatures between 20°C & 2°C.

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Tommee Tippee Swaddle Bag, £19.99


Made from super soft fabric and decorated with patterns that are designed in-house at Tommee Tippee. This easy-to-use swaddle bag features poppers on the armholes to either swaddle your baby with arms in for total snugness or arms out to allow them to stretch.

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aden + anais toile Wrap Swaddles 3 Pack, £34.99

baby-swaddle-blanketsWe love the neutral print of these swaddle blankets. With aden + anais’ Easy Swaddle Wraps, you can swaddle them two ways; arms-in or arms-out, depending on their sleep preference. A zipper around the bottom makes for easy nappy changes without having to unswaddle with a roomy design that allows for healthy development of hips.

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Happiest Baby The Comforter Swaddle, £42.95

baby-swaddle-blanketsDesigned by renowned paediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, the Comforter Swaddle has all the sleep-aiding and sanity-saving features of Happiest Baby’s original 5-Second Swaddle, including whisper-quiet Velcro, snug inner flaps to keep even wiggly babies wrapped tightly, and snaps at the shoulders for arms-out swaddling for babies that can roll.

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Bellamoon Bamboo Swaddle Blanket in Powder Blue, £22

baby-swaddle-blanketsMade from 100% bamboo, these soft-touch swaddles are perfect against your baby’s delicate skin, with sustainable bamboo material that keeps your baby warm.

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JoJo Maman Bébé Little Elephants Newborn Swaddle, £21

baby-swaddle-blanketsWe love the adorable elephant print on this swaddle. Available in three colourways and designed with a pocket for little legs and a baby-safe Velcro™ closure, this Little Elephants Newborn Swaddle is easy and quick to use and really helps babies feel snug and secure. The bestselling elephant print can be bought with matching items, and is available to personalise with a name of your choice to make a lovely gift for a new baby.

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Done by Deer 2-Pack Swaddle Blankets, £21

These cute polka dot swaddle blankets from Done by Deer have multiple uses, from wrapping, burping, cleaning and comforting to use as a bath towel, change mat or sun shield, these supersoft and skinkind breathable cotton swaddle blankets will earn their keep a thousand times over.

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MORI Newborn Swaddle Bag in Blue Stripe, £49

baby-swaddle-blanketsCrafted from organic cotton and bamboo for a soft feel on your baby’s skin, this fabric is breathable and thermoregulating to keep your little one at the perfect temperature every night in every season, with no TOG or additional filling so it can be used all year round with suitable clothing worn underneath. There’s also the option for personalisation making this a fabulous baby shower gift for a newborn.

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Amazon Little Seeds Baby Swaddle Blanket 0-3 Months 3 Pack, £16.99

baby-swaddle-blanketsThis great value pack of three self-fastening swaddles can be easier to use than traditional swaddles, made from 100% organic cotton. A perfect baby shower gift for any expecting or new mum.

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Best Muslin Swaddle Blankets

aden + anais alphabet animals Essentials Cotton Muslin Swaddles 4 Pack, £34.99

baby-swaddle-blanketsIt’s hard to beat aden + anais for their huge range of muslin patterns and we love these alphabet animals. Made in cotton, these muslin swaddles are classically breathable and extremely versatile for bedtime and beyond, and the four-packs make it easy to always have one on hand.

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Little Blue Nest Swaddle Blanket, £20


Pre-washed and softened for extra comfort, this beautifully illustrated unisex cotton muslin swaddle blanket is made from the finest organic thread, making it luxuriously softer and gentler on your baby’s tender skin.

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MORI Pre-Washed Large Swaddle Blankets 2-Pack, £31


Made from 100% pure cotton, these large muslin swaddles by MORI can be used for anything from swaddling to breastfeeding. Each muslin features the recognisably MORI print in one corner.

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How to Swaddle a Baby

Baby muslin and swaddle experts aden + anais have produced this useful guide on how to swaddle your baby below.

Credit: aden + anais

Step 1

Remember, we recommend swaddling with a muslin blanket. Get it out and fold the swaddle into a triangle by folding back one corner. Place your baby in the center with the shoulders just below the folded corner.

Step 2

Place your baby’s right arm alongside the body, slightly bent. Take the same side of the swaddle and pull it securely across your baby’s chest, keeping the right arm under the fabric. Tuck the edge of the swaddle under the body, leaving the left arm free.

Step 3

Fold the bottom corner of the swaddle up and over your baby’s feet, tucking the fabric into the top of the swaddle by their shoulder.

Step 4

Place your baby’s left arm alongside the body, slightly bent. Take the same side of the swaddle and pull it securely across your baby’s chest, keeping the left arm under the fabric. Tuck the edge fo the swaddle under their body.

Credit: aden + anais

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