Top 8 Teething Tips to Help Both Mum & Baby

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Is your little one happy and playful one moment and teary the next? When your baby is teething, it can be a real pain for both you and your little one, and tough to know what’s best. Discover the best teething tips to help you both below.

8 of the Best Teething Tips for Mum and Baby

Teething can hit babies at different ages – and so it can sometimes be difficult to know exactly when it is happening. Some children get cranky and irritable when they’re teething; others may dribble and drool.

If you’re struggling with teething and want to know how to help both yourself and baby, check out these 8 teething tips below to help you survive the teething journey.

Offer Cold Water or Milk

This can help replenish your baby’s fluids lost from excess dribbling as well as soothe their sore gums.

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Give Baby Something Cold to Chew on

Offer a clean teething ring or a sterilised teething toy to your baby that has been in the fridge (not freezer; frozen teething rings can injure a baby’s gums). You could also wet a clean washcloth and freeze it in a plastic bag to keep it clean.

If your child is weaned, you can try giving chilled fruit or vegetables (such as cucumber or carrot) to bite on (always supervise your child).

Try a Warm Bath

Put your little one into a warm bath to help calm them down and give them a gentle massage while rubbing baby oil on them afterwards. If your baby’s dribbling is causing sore skin, redness or a rash, apply a barrier cream to protect and soothe the skin.


Massage Their Gums

With a clean and cool finger, massage their gums very gently – the gentle pressure will help soothe. You can also apply a small amount of teething gel to your finger to help with pain relief.

Once teeth start to appear, remember to brush their teeth with toothpaste as soon as they appear as this will help keep them clean.

Schedule ‘Me Time’

A great way to recharge from the challenges of a teething baby is to take time out for the things that make you happy while your partner or a friend look after your little one – whether that’s a dance class, relaxing walk with a friend – or even just having a family member babysit for a couple of hours.

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Try Meditation

Mindfulness meditation can often help people manage stressful times. Try just 10 minutes a day while your little one is sleeping – simply with your eyes closed and pay attention to your breath. If you notice your mind wandering, just gently return your attention to the breath.

Enjoy the Good Times

Many new parents can feel responsible or even at fault if their child is in pain and feeling the effects of teething. Remember, it’s natural – and temporary!

You might feel like the crying won’t stop – but every now and again there will be a moment of peace. Enjoy it, play with your little one and take the time to relax – before it begins again! If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, try to make sure you’re taking shifts with soothing your baby with a partner or family member.

Try a Teething Product

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