Teddy’s Playhouse: the new musical baby class with a difference

Teddy’s Playhouse is the new baby and toddler class that combines music, drama and dance to help support your baby’s early development

Registering your newborn into schools is like a modern day Grimm’s fairytale. How many times have you been advised as new parents that you need to register your newborn right away if you want them to attend the top school in reception year? You then find out to your horror – only once you’ve filled in the forms and paid the registration fee – that their place is not guaranteed because an observation test or an informal exam will have to be taken in the not-too-distant future to secure their place. Daunting, isn’t it?

The early years moving into toddlerhood and beyond should be magical for both the infant and you as parents. But at the back of your minds the thought still lingers that one day your child will have to take some sort of aptitude test.

Push the time dial forward six months, you hit the search option on Google to seek out early learning classes in your area that will support your infant’s early development. You find a plethora of mums, babies and toddler groups, music classes, soft play centres and even members clubs where baking and painting are the activities on offer – you go pale at the thought that you may have to sign up to everything to stimulate early development in your infant.

You did the research, you know that classical music enhances a child’s skill in listening and recall capability as well as managing moods– tick. You know that movement and dance aid in language skill development, social awareness and co-ordination – tick.  Soft-play has a place too, but do stop for a second and think back to your objectives for getting your infant enrolled in early learning classes.

So, what are the key elements you are looking for in a class? Chances are, you want your infant to be given the opportunity to learn numbers, colours, language sets and of course the alphabet as well as the aforementioned skills before they go to nursery. In early learning all these elements can be taught through performing arts using classical music, song and rhyme, engaged performance using age appropriate props, sensory toys and musical instruments.

With all this and more, Teddy’s Playhouse provides early learning through performing arts, combining three key elements: classical music, song and popular rhyme; performance and role play; dance and movement. Classes are led by Teddy who takes his friends on a magical adventure of learning and discovery.

Launching in September 2017 in West London, if you would like to book a trial class please contact Teddy on 07500 786512 or by emailing enquiries@teddysplayhouse.com