Talking business with FS Murals founder Francesca Salisbury

We catch up with founder of FS Murals Francesca Salisbury about business as an artist and creating inspiring illustrations for little ones

Why did you set up FS Murals?
I wanted to combine my skills as an artist into a career that could fit around caring for my little boy of 21 months. I first started by doing a mural for his room that I wanted to be fun, relaxing and special. I chose all my colours from Farrow and Ball as their palettes are traditional and earthy, and had such fun creating a space for play; it was like theatre design through creating a space he could play in but not forgetting he had to sleep in it too.Looking online and in magazines, I couldn’t find any mural pieces of work that were soft, earthy, natural and on trend – they were all so bright! I wanted to offer another alternative for parents and children alike to have the stage for play but the place for relaxation too.


What’s the best thing about your job?
The best part of my job has to be working with all the lovely mummies and coming up with all the individual bespoke designs and seeing the murals finished and the room transformed.I have also always loved interiors, so through combining the fashions and trends of nurseries and children’s bedrooms as well as my love and need to paint, I have met a beautiful balance in my career.

Where do you find inspiration for children’s murals?
As an artist I have always been inspired by the things around me, particularly nature and how it plays an important role in our day to day lives and the lives of our children. Nature has the ability to calm us, centre us and bring us together and this is why I incorporate the outdoors into the majority of my designs. I create spaces that can be transformed through the right mural designs and colour palettes into a room needed for sleep, rest and play which is all important for development.

TwoWhat’s been your biggest challenge?
Ladders are always a challenge!

Any advice for those wanting to launch their own brand?
Do not underestimate the balance of colour in a room. Just do it. Get a portfolio ready and get online show and share your talent.

What’s next for FS Murals?
I am in the process of designing and coming up with bespoke children’s bedroom accessories! From hand painted angel wings to huge personalised alphabet letters. Perfect for mum’s who want something bespoke and special as well as being the perfect baby gift.