Swimming with Dragons

Luxury pool designer, Guncast, took up one of their most fun packed challenges to date, creating the perfect pool for London’s ultimate family destination, Purple Dragon, at their flagship club in Chelsea.  The 15X5M pool, compete with interactive fountains, jets and a water tunnel and vivid brightly coloured tiles, is a supreme space where children and adults alike can run wild.

Director of Purple Dragon, Bruce Isaacs, comments “The swimming pool is without a doubt, one of the focal points of the club.  It is one of very few pools in London set at 31-32 degrees Celsius, the optimum temperature for children to swim in, and being chlorine free, it is a big draw for our members. In fact, the addition of the swimming pool is an important factor for our members regarding their decision to join the club.”

Whilst the pool provides the perfect place for children to learn to swim, the push button activated jets and interactive fountains along the side of the pool encourage children to enter and interact with others, aiding learning development whilst promoting the luxurious pool as a fun environment.

For over 30 years, family run swimming pool specialists Guncast have quietly built up a reputation for creating über luxurious super-pools for private and commercial clients across the UK. Managing Director of Guncast, Jack Harding, comments ‘It’s great to design both private and commercial pools, because the briefs are so very different. With a commercial pool we have to ensure the end product will appeal to the general public, rather than simply satisfying one client’s wishes. Knowing that this pool would be used predominantly by children meant we had to take different things into consideration; the filtration system was one of our most advanced to ensure superior levels of hygiene, whilst the use of brightly coloured tiles added an element of fun to the stimulating environment’.

From the initial design to the expert finish of each entirely bespoke pool, the dedicated experts at Guncast work alongside the client, ensuring requirements are entirely met. Jack Harding continues ‘Purple Dragon’s criteria was so unique, it was great having the opportunity to challenge ourselves to produce totally innovative design ideas, and still maintains Guncast’s extremely high pool building standards. A major challenge of this scheme was its location. This pool is on the ground floor of the building, above a car park, which had to be considered in the early design stages, to ensure there would be no leaks or problems on the floors below’. 

For more information on Guncast visit : www.guncast.com