Such a Baby: Hand-Drawn Designs & Organic Cotton Bedding

Founder of Such a Baby, Tania, and her son

We chat to the founder of recently-launched Such a Baby to find out more about their exciting collection of 100% organic cotton baby bedding featuring hand-drawn designs that are intentionally colourful and vibrant to stimulate infants’ imagination.

Tania, founder of Such a Baby, tells us how a sketch turned into her son’s favourite bedding.

Such a Baby: Hand-Drawn Designs & Organic Cotton Bedding

“When my first child reached toddler age, I was on the lookout for cot linen that was fun, cosy in feel and high in quality.

“But I couldn’t find the right balance of good quality and desired design on the market, and wanted something that was colourful and playful and that could spark the imagination of my son, so as a last resort I’ve decided to roll up my sleeves and do it myself.

“At the time my son was crazy about gorillas so it was easy to decide what to draw first. I made few sketches of the friendly apes and my two-year-old enthusiastically approved them.

Tania’s gorilla sketches

“I’ve developed the design and placed an online order for a few metres of fabric featuring a gorilla pattern. The fabric quality didn’t match what I had in my mind but the design worked.

“My son was obsessed with the new duvet set I had lovingly hand-sewn for him. The product felt new and fun and I started to think I might be able to help other mothers find special bed linen for their little ones.

Gorilla bedding, Such a Baby

“In 2021, I registered the brand Such A Baby and worked with experts to produce high-quality duvet covers for babies. Finally in March 2022 I launched the online store – I still can’t believe it became real!”

Such a Baby’s Collection

The first collection is intentionally colourful and vibrant to stimulate children’s imagination and inventiveness. All the designs are initially hand-drawn and watercolored before turned digital and printed in fabric.

Such a Baby believe the potential for creativity exists in all of us and this is why their ethos is to encourage children from a young age to experiment the world in ways that will help developing their creativity and imagination.

Whale bedding, Such a Baby

The fabrics are sustainable and all the cotton used is 100% organic, super soft and safe on baby’s skin. The fabrics are digitally printed which offers the highest quality eco-friendly solution with reactive inks that contain no harmful chemicals and give superior wash and rub fastness, along with brighter colour yield and a softer feel to the skin!

“I have so many ideas for sleepwear and homeware products in the pipeline,” says Tania.

“The journey has just begun!”

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