Your baby’s name can affect how successful they are in life, a new study reveals

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People with these specific names are apparently more successful in life… did your baby’s name make the list?

Struggling to settle on a baby name? Some interesting results from a new survey on Brits may just help swing your decision, as it turns out that two thirds of people believe your first name can affect how successful you are in life.

More than two in five Brits also stated that they believe their first name had an impact on how successful they’ve been in their lives.

The study, conducted by Grosvenor Casinos, revealed a list of the top 10 names thought to be the most successful, with William and Victoria topping the chart at 37.8 per cent.

Interestingly, there are more male names featured in the list than female ones, and it’s thought that those included are linked to some of the most successful people in the world, with David, for instance, associated with David Beckham, and monikers like Elizabeth and Harry referencing members of the Royal Family.

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“It’s so interesting to see what the nation considers to be a successful name,” says Caroline Webb, Head of Brand for Grosvenor Casinos. “It does ask the question: if you are given one of these names, are you more primed for success in life?”

Which names made the list?

  1. William and Victoria – 37.8 per cent
  2. George – 37.3 per cent
  3. Elizabeth – 32 per cent
  4. Richard and Alexander – 32 per cent
  5. Thomas – 28.1 per cent
  6. David  – 27.8 per cent
  7. Harry – 25.5 per cent
  8. John – 24.2 per cent
  9. Oliver – 23.1 per cent
  10. Olivia – 18.6 per cent

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