10 ways to organise your home for a new baby

Vicky Silverthorn provides 10 top ways to organise your home for your new arrival

Praise for Vicky Silverthorn’s miraculous organisational service, aka ‘You Need a Vicky’, has ranged from her being described as a “super cool Mary Poppins” to another client asking “when can you move in?”

After 10 years working as a PA to celebrities like Lily Allen, and nearly five as a professional organisation guru, the queen of clean and tidy living is perfectly placed to help you create the cosiest new-baby nest.

1 Create calm

Always start this wonderful journey with a basic list of what you will need to buy in order to be totally prepared for your baby’s arrival. There are many websites that can help with this. Start your list early and add to it – only have one and keep it in one place. The aim is to avoid purchasing anything that isn’t needed. I work with many parents who feel they over-bought and regret it.

2 Declutter early on

It’s very common to go through that nesting stage, but rather than leaving this clear-out/clean-up until the last minute, try to be on top of things as early as you can. Get your house in order so your head feels in order too. Spend just 20 minutes every day or so sorting and organising a drawer, cupboard or corner of your home. Nothing big, just small and slow. Seeing the difference you’ve made in a matter of weeks will make you so glad it’s done.

3 Prioritise safety

With so much to think about, the most important side of room preparation can easily slip people’s minds: creating an environment that is completely safe for baby. Make sure that box is ticked and childproof your home. There are some fantastic websites with advice but also companies who can come to your home and do it for you such as babysafehomes.co.uk.

4 Don’t over research

One of the most common things I hear new mums say is that they were overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, mainly online. Try to limited yourself to a couple of recommended sites or companies. And don’t panic.

5 Nursery prep

When it’s time to get your nursery ready (it’s probably full of still-wrapped goodies and equipment) start by removing everything from the room. Give it a good clean with chemical-free products. Make sure your furniture is in place, and where you think it makes most sense to be (again there are safety tips you will find online) and only then start to put the other things back in.

6 Visitors

Keep that schedule clear after your birth date – take time to enjoy the moment because it only happens once. Social media is not a priority at this point either. Make a conscious decision to give yourself a break from this second virtual world that we all live in.

7 Multiple stations

Although the nursery will (probably) be ready for when baby arrives, most choose to have baby in their own bedroom for at least the first few months. Bearing this in mind, have a basket by your bed for all the things you may need during those early days and nights, and others dotted around the house in the rooms you spend the most time in.

8 Clothes

You may have various sizes of baby clothes. Keep all current clothes easily accessible in top drawers and any that won’t fit for a few months stored neatly away. Keep a small box or bag in a wardrobe or cupboard that you can fill with clothes once they’ve been outgrown but you want to save. And buy a couple of large plastic sealable boxes you can put up in the loft when they are full. Keep on top of this and it will be an easy job.

9 Say yes to help

If friends offer to make food for when baby is born then stock up your freezer. Why not? They will want to help in any way possible and the last thing you will want to think about is cooking. The same goes for the chance to sleep – if they offer to sit with baby for an hour or so, say yes!

10 Be honest at your baby shower

It’s okay to say “I love bright clothes,” “I don’t like branding” or “I’m overrun with sleepsuits”. There is a way of doing this without being rude. It’s better than money and gifts being wasted. If asked what your gift preferences are, don’t be afraid to be specific. Just remember to keep a little book of who’s given you what for thank you cards later.

And… don’t forget storage!

You’ll have so many bits and bobs you’ll want to save but if you don’t have anywhere to put them they will create clutter. I love the Ulrika boxes from The Holding Company which come in various shapes and sizes and will last through the first years of baby’s life. They can also be used as memory boxes.

I also really like the baskets you can find at Zara Home which I’d suggest using for anything from changing paraphernalia and muslins to easily mislaid baby accessories like socks and hats. They look beautiful on shelves and at the bottom of baby wardrobes to utilise all space available.