62 Beautiful Spring Baby Names

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With spring on the horizon, if you’re set to welcome your bundle of joy in the new season, here are the top spring baby names for inspiration.

Spring is the season often associated with new life; as flowers bloom, huddles of lambs line the fields and we come together to celebrate Easter, many parents are set to welcome new additions to their families.

Research by baby and nursery retailer Kiddies Kingdom has revealed the top ten spring-inspired names for baby girls and boys in the UK.

Analysing over 200 spring-themed names against the latest UK data from the Office of National Statistics, they found the number of children born with those names in 2020, ranking them by order of popularity.

Top Spring-Inspired Baby Names

Choosing a name for your newborn can feel daunting, as it is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make as a parent. Get inspired with these 62 baby name ideas.

Top 10 Spring Baby Girl Names

Springtime is all about newness and nature, so for babies born during the spring months, there are plenty of names to choose from which are inspired by the season, whether it’s flowers, animals, or simply the world around you.

1. Ava
Meaning: Originating from the Latin word ‘avis,’ meaning ‘bird,’ which has strong connections to springtime nature
2. Ivy
Meaning: A botanical name relating to the climbing vine plant
3. Lily
Meaning: The lily flower
4. Rosie
Meaning: The rose flower
5. Willow
Meaning: Willow tree
6. Florence
Meaning: Flourishing, which radiates a floral feeling of the blooming flowers of spring
7. Poppy
Meaning: Red flower
8. Daisy
Meaning: ‘Day’s eye’ which reflects the way the flower opens in the day and closes at night
9. Chloe
Meaning: ‘Young green shoot.’ Also appeared in Greek mythology as an alternative name for the goddess of agriculture and fertility
10. Violet
Meaning: Purple, the colour of a flower’s petals

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Top 10 Spring Baby Boy Names

Spring-inspired names are less popular for boys, but there are still lots of names that relate to the season, again with strong ties to nature.

1. Adam
Meaning: ‘Son of the red earth’, which comes from the word ‘adamah’, meaning ‘earth’
2. Riley
Meaning: Wood clearing/meadow
3. Stanley
Meaning: Stony clearing/meadow
4. Sonny
Meaning: Young boy/son
5. Oakley
Meaning: Oak wood or clearing
6. Harley
Meaning: Hare clearing/meadow
7. Maxwell
Meaning: Great stream
8. River
Meaning: A body of flowing water
9. Sidney
Meaning: Riverside meadow
10. Xavier
Meaning: New house

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More Spring Baby Name Ideas

Spring Baby Names for Girls

    1. Anastasia
      Meaning: Resurrection
    2. Claire
      Meaning: Clear and bright
    3. Iris
      Meaning: Rainbow
    4. May
      Meaning: A springtime month
    5. Aurora
      Meaning: Goddess of Light
    6. April
      Meaning: A springtime month
    7. Jade
      Meaning: A gemstone
    8. Laurel
      Meaning: Spring-like
    9. Maia
      Meaning: Mother (Mother Nature)
    10. Fleur
      Meaning: Flower
    11. Avril
      Meaning: April – a springtime month
    12. Hyacinth
      Meaning: A flower
    13. Primrose
      Meaning: A flower
    14. Emerald
      Meaning: A gemstone
    15. Freya
      Meaning: Goddess of spring
    16. Gaia
      Meaning: Earth mother/goddess
    17. Blossom
      Meaning: To bloom
    18. Olwen
      Meaning: Goddess of spring
    19. Laverna
      Meaning: Born in spring
    20. Esmerelda
      Meaning: Emerald
    21. Maple
      Meaning: A tree
    22. Meadow
      Meaning: Field of grass
    23. Dawn
      Meaning: New beginning
    24. Skye
      Meaning: sky, taken from the old Norse sky, meaning “cloud”

Spring Baby Names for Boys

  1. Javier
    Meaning: Bright and shining
  2. Pascal
    Meaning: Easter
  3. Owen
    Meaning: Youthful, ‘oen’ lamb
  4. Neo
    Meaning: New
  5. Neville
    Meaning: New town
  6. Asher
    Meaning: New beginning
  7. Denver
    Meaning: Green valley
  8. Storm
    Meaning: Energy and strength

Gender Neutral Baby Names for Spring

  1. Robin
    Meaning: A type of bird
  2. Sunny
    Meaning: Sunshine
  3. Olive
    Meaning: A type of tree
  4. Eden
    Meaning: Delight
  5. Leif
    Meaning: Heir/beloved
  6. Brooke
    Meaning: River or stream
  7. Hunter
    Meaning: Life and/or huntsman
  8. Rain or Raine
    Meaning: Shower of water
  9. River
    Meaning: River, flowing water
  10. Oakley 
    Meaning: Nature

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