Could This Specialised Massage Help You Conceive?

The massage restores balance within and the movement of blood through the body

An Amazonian abdominal massage technique is proving a powerful tool to help conceive, says Louise Crockart

Arvigo Therapy is said to be a useful technique to help with various issues from fertility to prolapse. We thought we should find out a little bit more about the massage said to help you conceive.

What is Arvigo Therapy?

Here’s the science bit. The Arvigo techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy are a non-invasive, external stomach massage that stimulates circulation, restores homeostasis (balance within) and hemodynamics (the movement of blood through the body). This stimulated circulation helps to move congested lymph fluid, oxygenates the blood, increases immune function and maintains nerve flow for the pelvic organs, helping with a range of fertility and digestive issues.

The massage was founded by Dr. Rosita Arvigo, a doctor of Naprapathy (a healing method that works through the connective tissues of the body), following a 13-year apprenticeship with the main man himself, Don Elijio Panti, a Maya shaman in Belize.

How Does It Work?

Women have many bungee-like ligaments that provide flexibility for menstruation and childbirth, and hold the uterus in place. They can shift out of the normal position for many reasons such as trauma, surgery, poor posture and digestion issues. This can in turn cause abnormal pressure and poor circulation to the surrounding structures, restricting the flow of blood, lymphatic fluid, nerve function and energy flow, affecting everything from the ovaries and fallopian tubes to the intestines.

Arvigo Therapy stimulates these systems of flow, allowing the body to regulate and heal itself from the inside. In between treatments, a self-care massage routine is taught, to be carried out every day at home. Treatments can be scheduled from weekly to monthly according to the condition being addressed, such as prolapse, endometriosis and fertility challenges. Arvigo also works well alongside fertility treatments such as IVF and IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) to support the process. The following women swear by it…

“Endometriosis affected every part of my life and prevented me from sleeping, too.”

29-year-old Sue was diagnosed with endometriosis after suffering for years from debilitating menstrual pain. “I had two laparoscopy operations to remove the endometriosis, but the relief only lasted six months before I was back to square one.

“I was worried about the build up of scar tissue and how this would effect my chances of having a baby, so looked for an alternative treatment.” After her initial consultation with an Arvigo practitioner, a six-month treatment plan was agreed that included regular monthly treatments, daily self-care abdominal massage and castor oil packs (used to support ovarian health, improve lymphatic circulation and reduce inflammation). By the third month, Sue felt rejuvenated, which enabled her to become more fit. “By the end, I was a different person. It has taken a lot of work and persistence but it’s all been worth it as I have just found out I am pregnant – I’m over the moon”.

“The combination of Arvigo, practicing daily self-care massage and castor oil packs was the key to becoming pregnant.”

Though Rachel, 34, had a five-year-old son, Sam, she longed for a sibling for him. She had been trying to conceive for over two years but had suffered six recurrent miscarriages during this time. She also had painful periods and a ‘stitch-like’ pain on her left side during ovulation. She agreed to take a break from trying to become pregnant for a few months and concentrate on looking after herself with good nutrition, regular Arvigo treatments, castor oil packs and daily abdominal massage. She received three monthly treatments, and by the fourth month, Rachel was pregnant and went on to deliver a baby brother for Sam.

“For me, Arvigo Therapy holds everything in place.”

Sarah went to an Arvigo practitioner 10 weeks after she gave birth to her daughter. Her birth experience had resulted in a long labour and forceps delivery. Her uterine prolapse was effecting how she bonded with her baby and indeed, with every aspect of her daily life. “I was amazed at the difference Arvigo Therapy had on me, even after the first treatment.”

Sarah had weekly treatments then gradually extended these visits to monthly. After three months of treatments and self care, Sarah felt so much improvement she cancelled her appointment with her gynecologist who had planned to rectify her prolapse with surgery.

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