Spanish baby names are more popular than ever

Whether you’re all set with a sentimental family favourite that’s been passed down for generations, or you’re looking to find something quirky and unique, your little bundle of joy is going to need a name.

But sometimes it can feel impossible to know where to start, and discussions with family and friends can quickly spiral into a seemingly endless dismissal of names you hate, rather than building a list of viable options you like.

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that Spanish monikers are a big hit in 2018. Baby Centre’s lists for the most popular names for baby boys and baby girls in 2017 contain several names that are common in Spain.


While both lists still retain many choices that have been traditionally popular in the UK for years like Emily, Grace, George and Harry, this presence of popular Spanish names can be viewed against a backdrop of increasing cultural interest in Spanish-language exports, from chart-topping music like Despacito, Reggaeton Lento and Dimelo, (the winning song of The X Factor 2017), to the influx of more Spanish television series options on streaming channels. Notable examples from the list include Gabriel and Hugo for boys and Luna, Clara and Maria for girls.

Top Spanish baby names for girls…

  1. Luna

2. Rafaela

3. Violeta

4. Antonella

5. Gabriela

6. Valentina

7. Julieta

8. Lucía

9. Alba

10. Arely

Top Spanish baby names for boys…

  1. Octavio

2. Javier

3. Vivaldo

4. Cristóbal

5. Alejandro

6. Luciano

7. Rafael

8. Valentín

9. Máximo

10. Eduardo

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