Summer fun for your little one with smarTrike


Summer has just begun and little ones all over the country are looking forward to exploring the great outdoors – as a parent, you’ll want to find ways to keep your child active and promote their development. It’s a challenge at the best of times, but look no further – smarTrike toddler tricycles might just be the answer to engaging your child while on the go.

There’s so much to explore out there, but keeping your toddler strapped up while you travel from point A to B can sometimes seem like mission impossible. The SmarTfold compact folding trikes by smarTrike provide your child with a new and unique view of the world around them while at the same time proving easy for you to transport, whether that’s by foot or packed away in the back of the car.

Adapt your smarTrike to suit your baby with the smarTfold 700 model

The patented Touch Steering® system allows you to manoeuvre the trike effortlessly, and can be used for younger babies as a push trike. Just touch the parent handle with one hand and the trike intuitively glides in the direction you want to go, while your other hand is free to sip your coffee or chat on the phone.

While sitting in their smarTfold trike, your child will have the ability to observe the world around them and feel like they really are in the driving seat. As for you, you can get to where you need to go quickly and efficiently!

Let the adventures begin!

SmartTrike products are age adaptable and encourage a variety of skills as your little one grows from a baby into an independent toddler. As they grow, they reach developmental milestones and their needs change; multi-stage tricycles adapt alongside your child as they progress.

There are two modes of steering control to help you and your toddler adapt to their new-found skills; parent-control and child-control. Your toddler can have fun pedalling away while improving their balance, motor skills and coordination, while you are still in complete control. This will help to build their confidence and independence, allowing you to remove the parent control that once they are old enough to pedal all on their own.

With smarTrike your child will be immersed in a world of discovery; from their comfy seat they’ve got an unobstructed view of their surroundings, piquing their curiosity for the natural world around them.

Make your summer travels a breeze

smarTrike continues to bring new and improved designs and products to market that benefit both parent and the child. There are various models and colours available in the UK, some even with UV-protected and extendable canopies for sunnier days.

The premium model smarTfold 700 is the only trike on the market that’s suitable from six months old. It features a 360 swivel seat so you can switch between parent-facing or forward-facing at any point, which also reclines so your little one can nap comfortably while you are on the go. 

And that’s not all…

There’s various other features throughout the smarTfold range that make the trike fun and comfortable for you and your child. To name but a few, these include storage compartments, an adjustable parent handle, safety bar, patented shock absorbers, seat padding and multiple footrest variations. Each and every feature has been carefully considered to make the most of your smarTrike for years of fun and growth.

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