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Nanit Baby Monitor

When it comes to babies, sleep and safety are number one priorities. Parents want their little ones to get the right amount and quality of sleep – as well as be safe in the knowledge that they can monitor them at any time. Here, we discover how Nanit’s clever baby tech allows both you and your little ones to truly sleep like a baby.

Better sleep means better cognitive abilities and healthier physical development – not to mention parental wellbeing.

Award-winning smart baby monitor Nanit goes beyond the traditional video baby monitor by placing the camera over the cot so you can see everything happening in and around it.

How Nanit Works

With personalised baby sleep analytics and tips delivered every morning, the whole family can rest easy knowing their little one has slept soundly. Discover just how Nanit’s clever baby tech works below.

smart-baby-monitor-nanitMore than a Monitor

Parents have the option to monitor breathing motion using Breathing Wear, seeing their baby’s breathing motion and be alerted if they need you.

Every Nanit camera comes with a Breathing Wear band which features a pattern that the camera can see and analyses the subtle movements of this unique pattern to detect a baby’s breathing motion. Breathing Wear is all cotton and contains no wires or sensors that need charging.

The nursery tools are inbuilt to help baby sleep better with two-way audio (meaning you can sing them to sleep from your phone), nature sounds and white noise, as well as temperature and humidity readings and a dimmable built-in nightlight.

Parents can view the camera via an app on their phone, and with continuous video monitoring, you can save, rewind and rewatch every second of continuous video as well as viewing footage from the crib or catching up on saved video clips from days prior.

smart-baby-monitor-nanitYour Baby’s Personal Sleep Coach

With the sleep dashboard, you can view your baby’s sleep data each morning and evening, and receive a timelapse highlight reel of your baby’s sleep throughout the day as well as see a heat map of your baby’s journey around the crib.

You’ll also get personalised sleep tips with science-backed guidance based on your baby’s sleep data and receive helpful parenting advice from Nanit’s experts at each stage in your baby’s development. Plus, you can connect with fellow parents and find guidance throughout your parenting journey in the Nanit Community.

Nanit Breathing Band

Save & Share Every Moment

Parents never have to worry about missing a moment or milestone again – Nanit curates and collects snapshots and videos for you to save and cherish allowing you to collect every precious memory and share with family and friends.

Plus, the app lets parents easily share memories to last a lifetime as you can send images and videos from your little one’s world to friends and family around the world with the built-in digital baby book.

smart-baby-monitor-nanitDiscover Nanit’s Top Products

Nanit Pro Camera

The Nanit Pro Camera comes with the Wall Mount that securely fastens the camera to the wall with a cord cover or Floor Stand which switches between freestanding and wall-leaning modes. Both options give you an amazing overhead view, wherever your baby sleeps.

The Nanit Pro also includes a small Nanit Breathing Band for babies aged 0-3 months and a one year subscription to sleep tracking and personalised tips help the whole family get more sleep, and the built-in digital baby book captures your baby’s greatest hits along the way.

Nanit Pro Floor Stand

Nanit Breathing Wear

Breathing Wear works exclusively with the Nanit cameras to monitor your baby’s breathing motion with no sensors on their body. The Nanit camera tracks breaths per minute by reading subtle movements in the fabric’s custom-designed pattern and alerts you if your baby needs you.

In addition to the Breathing Wear band that comes with the camera, Breathing Wear is also available in swaddles and pyjamas. All Breathing Wear is 100% machine washable.

Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System

This bundle has everything you need for peace of mind when it comes to your baby’s sleep and breathing. The system includes the Nanit Pro camera, Breathing Wear (swaddle,  small and large bands), one year Insights subscription and Multi-Stand, so you can take Nanit on the go or bring it from room to room.

Nanit is an award-winning baby monitor designed to capture your baby’s sweetest moments. Find out more and shop here.

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