The shopping guide: cots


Choosing from a never-ending selection of baby kit can be a minefield. So how do you know what’s right for you? First up, we look at cots

The safest place for your baby to sleep is on their own surface, in the same room as you, for the first six months. Many parents choose to use a small crib or moses basket for the first four to six months, then move the baby into a cot or cot bed.

Things to consider

• How much space do you have?

• How close do you want baby to you at night?

• Would you prefer to use the cot past the baby stage?

• Does it come with a mattress or do you want to buy a separate one?


Co-sleeping cots or bedside cribs attach to the side of an adult bed, keeping the baby close to you but in her own little space.

Cot beds are transitional objects. They are longer and wider than standard cots, so it grows with your child.

A moses basket or bassinet is a standalone crib, which is a good bed for the early days.

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