Sara Cox Promotes “The Etiquette of Dog Walking”

Ever been confused about what to do if another dog approaches your family pooch whilst walking? Or how to check if your dog has picked up anything nasty amongst the grass?

og walking can be a minefield and thanks to the new short video about the Etiquette of Dog Walking, you can find the answers. Featuring Radio 1 DJ and Mummy, Sara Cox, along with veterinary professional Janet Winter and Baxter the dog, the video has been created to support the ‘Be Tick Aware’ campaign by FRONTLINE® Spot On.

The Etiquette of Dog Walking takes you through:

1. Approaching other dogs whether leads are on or off
2. Cleaning up your dog’s poop
3. Being wary of children when dog walking
4. Playing with your dog
5. Be tick aware – check for ticks!

The short video, supporting the ‘Be Tick Aware’ campaign by FRONTLINE® Spot On has been launched to help keep dogs protected from ticks, the nasty external parasites that latch onto and feed off dogs. Starring celebrity dog owner and Mum Sara Cox, FRONTLINE® Spot On has created the campaign to make dog owners aware that no dog is safe from ticks and that owners must protect their beloved pets, especially when dog walking.

Did you know? Ticks are only second to mosquitoes in carrying infectious diseases?
Nearly half of pet owners (43%)* have seen a tick on their dog, and with the rapid rate at which they are multiplying**, pet owners must be in the know to help protect their pooches. However, many dog owners are not aware of the dangers that come from these pesky parasites, which is why FRONTLINE® Spot On has launched the ‘Be Tick Aware’ Campaign.

Where can you find ticks? Ticks lurk in grassy areas, not only in woodlands but in urban areas too. They look for hosts (such as dogs) to latch on to. And it’s not just local walks that owners need to be aware of. The recently relaxed Pet Travel Scheme rules means it is no longer mandatory for pets entering the UK to be treated for ticks, which could lead to an increase in foreign tick-borne diseases. With a 75% increase in the number of pets coming into the UK from Europe*** it is more important than ever before to protect your pet against foreign ticks and the diseases they can carry.

What are the dangers? Ticks can carry dangerous diseases such as Lyme disease, which affects both people and animals. This is a growing concern, with cases in the UK having increased by 300% in humans since 2000!