Rochelle Humes Opens Up About Sharing Her Family Life Following New Baby Announcement

Rochelle Humes My Little Coco

We caught up with singer and presenter Rochelle Humes to talk about her new body care brand, raising two daughters, and why she’s finally exposing her family life to Instagram as she announces she’s pregnant for the third time.

Rochelle Humes is best known for her work with girl group The Saturday’s, as well as on ITV’s This Morning. As for family life, she’s married to JLS star Marvin Humes, and together they have two daughters, Alaia and Valentina.

Rochelle and Marvin also recently announced they’re expecting their third child together. Taking to Instagram, Rochelle posted an Easter-themed picture featuring a baby scan. Underneath the announcement photo, she wrote the caption: “There’s a baby bunny in my oven…”


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There’s a baby bunny in my oven…🐰🤰🏾

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We caught up with Rochelle before the baby news was announced to chat all about about her other new baby; her latest business venture. Rochelle has launched My Little Coco, a body brand that’s specially designed for little ones with curly hair. We spoke to her about launching her own business, plus her recent decision to share more photos of her children on social media.

Rochelle, you’ve just launched your hair and body brand My Little Coco. Can you tell us a bit about it?

I started working on the idea when I was pregnant with Valentina (who’s now three), and what I wanted was to create an all-inclusive brand that’s premium, but available at high-street prices.

The products are designed to make bathtimes simpler – that covers everything from the vegan- friendly ingredients, to the design of the pump, which you can use with one hand. I also just wanted to create a really good product for curly hair, because that’s kind of my life!

How did you find the process?

Well, I’m quite fussy and know what I want (laughs). I’ve worked with illustrator Rachel Suzanne for the past few years on my books, so I wanted her to help with the packaging, and my mum drew the logo.


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It’s been a real family project – my daughters helped me trial the products and even my husband Marvin was there blowing bubbles for the kids during all the photoshoots. The entire process has been a journey for all of us.

Was developing the brand tougher than you expected?

Definitely – it was a whole new world for me, and just creating your own business is an absolute minefield. It’s a mad thing, being taken seriously as a businesswoman as opposed to having a ‘celebrity range’. I never wanted it to be ‘babycare by Rochelle Humes’; that’s not what it is. I want it to be a brand that can live on and really build.

Do you have a favourite product in the range?

I always have the My Little Everything Balm with me, and I’ve already had messages about it from a few parents; one mum even told me that her baby’s eczema cleared up after using it.

We know it’s good obviously, but we never intended it to be used for that purpose, so that’s pretty amazing. The Coconut Curling Custard is another important product for me and my girls – for obvious reasons!

The product range can be used by mum, too. Did you have enjoyable pregnancies?

I was very sick with Alaia (who’s now six), and though I did enjoy it towards the end, I just felt like I was on a boat for most of the time. But with Valentina, I just flew through the whole thing – I didn’t get sick, and I just felt like I could do anything.

How did you take to motherhood?

I think I fell into it quite naturally, but when I look back now, it’s hard to believe how young I was; I was 23 when I had Alaia. It’s difficult not to take everyone’s input on board the first time round as well, but by the second time, I had much more trust in myself and had a good idea of what worked for us.

You recently announced that you’re going to be sharing more photos of your children on Instagram. What changed your mind?

It was actually the kids, Alaia especially. She was a baby when Instagram came on the scene, and because nobody could predict what it was going to become, I was reluctant to push her onto a platform that I didn’t know much about.


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 I did protect them both too much, but I’ve found that – if used in the right way – Instagram can be a wonderful place. I’d never want either of them to feel as though they’re left out of my story, because they’re the biggest part of my story.

Which clothing brands do you like to dress your girls in?

I find it tricky with kidswear sometimes, because occasionally you walk into some shops and it’s hard to tell if the clothing is for five-year-olds or 15-year-olds; it can be a bit of a grey area. But I do love Zara Kids – I think it’s a really safe space for childrenswear.

What’s your favourite thing about motherhood?

You learn so much about life, and it’s the most rewarding job ever. It’s exhausting, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Actually – some days I would change bits of it! But even when they keep you up all night and you’re at your wit’s end, all they have to do is smile at you and you just think ‘ah, I really love you!’.

And the toughest part?

It’s such a big juggle – making sure the PE kit is packed on a Monday and that they’ve got the right outfit for the school play, then Valentina wants to go to her friend’s birthday party, and Alaia’s saying ‘well, I’m not going to that!’. You end up having to split yourself into a thousand pieces, and sometimes I look back on the week and think ‘how did we manage to do all of that?’.

Will you expand the My Little Coco range down the line?

Yes, I’d love to branch out into the children’s ‘space’, not necessarily just cosmetics but the industry as a whole. I’m learning so much on the job, and I really want for it to be a brand that people think of as a safety blanket they can trust.

Rochelle Humes’ My Little Coco is available in Boots stores and online now.

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