Review: Silver Cross Zest

Heading on her first family getaway, Courtney Robinson tries out Silver Cross’s latest addition

A vain admission: my first priority when shopping for baby gear has always been to
find something stylish and easy to clean, ideally in black. Additionally from a travel pushchair, we wanted something lightweight, robust and easy to steer. Plus, bonus points for a system that could be folded with one hand and foot, and didn’t require a degree or third arm to get it into our car boot.

The lowdown

While perhaps not ideal for ‘off-roading’, the Zest certainly delivers on the easy-to-manage-with-one-hand and lightweight requirements, and the style of the buggy is simple and clean.

Good Looking?

We opted for the black design which hides dirt and marks, and looks sleek and stylish. I personally would have preferred black all over (the seat too!) but it wipes clean, is durable and looks smart. The subtle elephant print on the inside hood is cute, too.


Our daughter Belle seems pretty comfortable in the Zest – there’s lots of wriggle room, a comfy padded seat and the fabric doesn’t seem to make her too sweaty. The lie-down position is a definite drawcard for me, particularly as Belle is only five months old, she sleeps well in this position. The five-point harness is secure and comfortable. The addition of padded straps by the face would be great for when she’s sleeping, but overall we’re happy that she’s comfortable. A standard winter kit would easily fit the design – great for keeping us moving through seasons.

Practicality and drivability

The stroller is easy to collapse with one hand and foot while holding a baby, which proved supremely helpful in the airport. The carry strap was also a great addition. The multi rotation in the wheels offered a smooth ride and made navigating the airport crowds a breeze.

Though we gave it a go, the Zest is not ideal for dirt or gravel tracks, and like most travel strollers, it isn’t particularly gentle on the cobble-stone roads in European cities, so stick to the paved paths.

I like being able to see her through the mesh in the hood when the sunshade is down fully, though it could also benefit from having a mesh peek-through when the shade is zipped halfway to ensure you can see your passenger is sitting comfortably.

The rain cover also allows her lots of space, which is great, though I wasn’t able to fold the stroller with the rain cover in the basket, you need to remove it and attach it to the outside of the pram.

What I particularly like about the Zest, as opposed to other lightweights we’ve looked at, is the sturdy frame – it certainly doesn’t feel like it has been thrown about airplane stowage. The basket is a handy size for a travel stroller, and easily accessed when the seat is upright. Plus, it held all we needed for day trips without off-weighting the pram.

The verdict

We like the Zest. It’s easy to travel with, which was the primary purpose for us. It’s light yet structurally sound, and Belle sleeps well in it. Apparently the straps are pretty tasty, too!