Review: Out ‘n’ About Nipper Double V4

Nipper Double
The Nipper Double is the sturdiest three-wheeler Ben has come across

In search of some adventure, dad of three Ben Finney clocks up some miles with the Out ‘n’ About Nipper Double

Of our three girls – all of whom are under five years old – the youngest can’t yet walk, the eldest usually refuses and the middle one is a toddler so it’s barely worth the effort. Given these logistics, it is impossible to imagine life without wheels.

There’s a bewildering selection of off-road buggies out there, catering for dads who like to imagine they could one day take their toddlers to Everest base camp. We struggle to reach the end of the road most weekends – but still, it’s important to look the part. Cue the Out ‘n’ About Nipper Double V4, a great addition to our fleet of child-carrying devices.

Good looking?

In reality, all double buggies can look a bit cumbersome, but if you have no choice then this is a great option. And you don’t have to be quite as brave as us with the Mojito Green hue, there are a few colour options to choose from, including black and grey.

Nipper Double
The Nipper Double can also be used from birth with the carrycot addition

Practicality & drivability

The Nipper couldn’t be more ideal for off-road walks if it tried – enormous wheels, and the kind of suspension that wouldn’t look out of place on a downhill mountain bike. I’m a bit wary of three-wheelers – having tipped a couple over in my time – but this one is surprisingly stable, wherever you take it.

In fact, the handling is this buggy’s big selling point. It turns on a sixpence, and hops off kerbs with barely a bump. Even our two-year-old can push it around without too much trouble. It drives like a dream.

For a stripped-back adventure wagon, it has a surprising amount of features. No shopping basket underneath (although you can buy one as an extra if needed) – but there are innovative pouches on the back of each seat instead. There’s more easy-access storage in zipped pockets along each side of the sun hoods, too, perfect for snacks on the go.

My only gripe is the five-point harness: it’s fiddly and you can only strap the kids in if you attach both the shoulder and waist straps. With a reluctant child, this means having to actually put down your flat white and use both hands.


For a double buggy, the Nipper is pretty slim, which means the seats are narrow – but that just means less wriggling around. The seats recline all the way back, and it comes with a mosquito net that you can also use to cordon off any children due for a sleep. It’s also pretty easy to open up and fold down.

The verdict

Rugged enough to satisfy your inner Ranulph Fiennes, but practical too, the Nipper Double is a saviour. It’ll still likely spend most of its life travelling to the supermarket and back, but at least every time you return home, you can pretend you’ve survived another epic adventure.

From £524.95,