Review: Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve

With the help of her three children, Carley Gregory puts Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve to the test

I have three children under five years old, Jayden’s five, Joshua is three and the latest addition is baby Jessica now three months, so I’m constantly on the hunt for products that make my life a little bit easier. All of my three children have their own skin niggles, which seem to flare up from time to time. A friend has raved to me about Organic Babies, she swears by its Baby Wash & Shampoo so I was eager to try out the Soothing Baby Salve to see what all the fuss is about…

Jayden, Joshua and baby Jessica
Jayden, Joshua and baby Jessica

First thoughts…

From using a lot of other creams, I thought the bottle would be gone after a few days. After putting far too much on the first time I soon realised you only need a pea size amount as it’s a salve opposed to a cream – a little really does go a long way otherwise you end up with a very greasy little baby! The salve smells amazing, not too overpowering but a light scent of lavender which is perfect for a pre-bedtime massage for Jessica.

Is it easy to apply?

My eldest son Jayden has suffered from eczema from an early age, mainly on the backs of knees and arms, so I’ve endured continuous struggles and he’s had to listen to me nagging him to apply his daily moisturiser but he always complains the cream is ‘too cold’. With the salve, it’s a bit like a balm/butter so there isn’t the coldness of a normal moisturiser so Jayden doesn’t mind me putting it on his skin, I’ve been using it daily and it’s cleared up his dry patches which we’re both so pleased about!

Where has it been most effective?

Jessica has really suffered on her scalp with cradle cap, after a week’s use her cradle cap began to clear up and now has nearly gone completely. The salve is a multi-fixer! I have used it for her nappy rash which reduced the redness really effectively, it’s water-resistant so protect against dampness too. I use it on her twice a day and have also used it to give her a little baby massage which she seems to love. Her skin is now beautifully silky smooth! I’m really pleased with the results on Jayden’s skin too – it’s made such a difference. I’ve even started using it on my knuckles when they get a bit sore!

What’s in it?

I was really surprised when I saw that there’s only five ingredients, which is really reassuring when putting on sensitive skin. It’s made up of organic shea butter, lavender hemp, beeswax and calendula.

Would you use it again?

Absolutely. I really do love this product and have told other mums and dads about it already.

Organic Babies Soothing Balm, £10.50,