Review: Joolz Geo

Kathryn admits she fell in love with the Joolz Geo as soon as she pushed it for the first time

First-time mum Kathryn Moore road tests the super-stylish Joolz Geo with baby Ruby

The nimble Joolz Geo is known for its chic simplicity yet spacious design. Make your purchase from the brand’s French-inspired Studio collection, finished with double stitching and leatherette handle, and you’ll probably feel even more ooh-la-la as you navigate the streets of the city.

The Lowdown

In my mind, I knew what I wanted – something that was robust, had longevity and was easy on the eye. I’m a regular walker, so assured my partner, Marc, that it would be getting a lot of use once baby arrived. After what felt like months of looking, I took the plunge with the Joolz Geo. Despite it not being a brand I was too familiar with, I fell in love with it as soon as I pushed it, and when Ruby came along, I knew I’d made the right choice.

Good looking?

I may be biased, but I think it’s the best looking on the market. I can’t count the amount of compliments I’ve received. I love the tan leatherette handlebar and matching bumper bar, it makes it feel particularly high end. Although I loved all the colourway options, I decided on ‘Gris’ because it’s light and neutral. Plus, the extras available are second to none – my favourite is the cup holder, but Ruby’s is probably the sunshade!

The Geo folds up and down with ease
The Geo folds up and down with ease

Practicality & Driveability

Ruby is now six months old, and we’ve really walked some miles in our Joolz. Everyone who’s pushed it has been surprised by how well it drives. The adjustable handlebar means no matter how tall you are, you can find a comfortable height – at 6ft, Marc’s taller than me, so we’re forever adjusting it, but it’s like moving your seat back in the car. The design of the seat means when lunching with friends, I feel like Ruby can be part of the group and join us at the table. It’s easy to fold down and put up again, it’s not the lightest on the market, and takes up a fair amount of space in our car boot, but for us, that isn’t a problem.


Ever since she was born, Ruby seemed settled in the cot. The quilted padding ensured she stayed snug. Now she’s outgrown the carrycot, she’s transitioned into the seat without fuss, and seems to enjoy both rear-and world-facing. Those days of her sleeping on our walks are long gone, but the built-in back support allows her to nap comfortably if she wants to.

The Verdict

I’m so happy with the Geo and I’m confident Ruby is, too. The design suits the typical life of a parent, from the roomy basket underneath (it still blows my mind how much stuff you require when out and about!) to the mesh panel on the hood so I can see what Ruby’s up to. Thumbs up all round!

From £829,