Review: iCandy Peach

The Peach passes the manoeuvrability test with flying colours

Sophie Mazrekaj puts the iCandy Peach through its paces with the help of little Otis

The iconic iCandy Peach has been turning heads since 2009, gaining a cult following with the likes of the Beckhams and the Bransons, as well as boasting a protuberant awards cabinet, most recently scooping a Which? Best Buy.

The Lowdown

A pushchair can be one of the most daunting purchases to make, but luckily I came to my decision swiftly. Ever since an equally tall friend purchased her iCandy, I knew I wanted one too, but first I had to convince my other half. We paid a visit to John Lewis so he could examine the latest models. Fortunately he came to the same conclusion that the iCandy Peach was the one for us. It’s substantial and robust without being ungainly, the handlebar comes to a perfect height for both of us, and my ever-practical husband was happy with the manoeuvrability. Success!

Good Looking?

Yes. The design feels modern and sleek. We’ve had many compliments on it, so we can’t be alone in thinking it’s stylish! We opted for the ‘Black Magic’ colourway, knowing it would coordinate with various footmuffs, bags and blankets, along with whatever Otis and
I happen to be wearing that day.

Sophie proudly shows off baby Otis
Sophie proudly shows off baby Otis

Practicality & Drivability

I’ll admit, my biggest concern was collapsing the pushchair by myself. I’m embarrassingly impractical and thought I’d end up trapped inside it in a panic. But the Peach is surprisingly simple, and once I’d done it a couple of times, it became second nature – I even managed to get it into its travel case. In the eight months since Otis was born, the Peach has joined us on three flights and many train journeys, and it’s coped remarkably well. It’s not the lightest model, but it’s easy to manoeuvre, even with one hand – if the other is occupied with a coffee, for example…


I was anxious when it came to making the transition from the carrycot to the seat. Otis seemed so content, and as it’s suitable for overnight sleeping I knew he was safe. Otis is now in the seat and is just as comfortable, so much so, he still tends to nap as soon as we head out. The footmuff keeps him extra cosy on chilly days and the raincovers are easy to put on – another plus for my impractical side. My only niggle is that there’s no easy way to hang the changing bag. I treated myself to a Jem + Bea ‘Beatrice’ which goes beautifully with the Peach, so I wanted to show it off!

The Verdict

The three of us are very happy with our purchase. It fulfils all of our criteria; it looks good, it’s comfortable for Otis, it’s very easy to drive and it’s durable. Plus, it can be turned into a double buggy should the need arise…

From £755,