Review: BabyBjörn Travel Cot

Our Diary of a Mum star Martha Alexander, with the help of baby Robin, puts the BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light through its paces

Patience and logic: not qualities I can claim to have in abundance. Which is why I needed a travel cot for plonkers like me, the kind of people for whom it takes actual hours to erect a tent or build a flat-pack table. I needed something super simple and also feather light – otherwise I might as well dismantle my daughter’s bedroom cot and cart it around on trains, planes and automobiles.

I’m normally a bargain hunter and naturally sceptical: in my experience paying top price does not always guarantee the best product. So I was ready to scorn the BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light, which is top of the range and as a result, expensive, as simply trading on its good name. But this is one instance where you absolutely get what you pay for: this cot takes seconds to put up, actual seconds, and seconds to take down again. It is completely hassle free. There are no rogue bits and bobs rolling around on the floor, nothing to fasten or tighten or buckle.

Without wanting to labour the point, it’s so quick that after I put it up for the first time, I was so disbelieving I thought I’d missed something. Then, once it’s up, it’s up. It’s sturdy, stable and there is no chance of sagging sides.

Babybjorn-cotI know looks aren’t everything, but I have to point out how slick it is. We got the grey one, but it does come in pink, black and navy. The shape of the Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light is unusual, the sides slant toward each other, which is a space-saving design. This serves to provide a cosy cocoon for babies. I’m no scientist, but I imagine it makes them feel very snug. Certainly, there is no difference in sleeping patterns when Robin sleeps in the travel cot.

I love the transparent mesh sides (washable for any accidents), firstly so I can see Robin without having to loom over her as she sleeps but secondly because they are breathable and I won’t be downstairs freaking out that she could smother herself.

It is also extremely light: weighing in at 6kg however its size means it needs to be checked in separately on a flight. Luckily, it has a very smart case.

The only negative, and it’s hardly a negative, is that the base of the cot is virtually on the ground: if you have a have a heavy baby or a bad back you might want to bear that in mind.

Given that it’s suitable for children up to three years’ old, the BabyBjörn is well worth the money. As a wise man (my father) once said “if you buy cheap you buy twice”… and so for once, I’d take his advice.

BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light, priced £214.99,