Returning to work after children?

Returning to work after children – How to get it right for your child, you and your career…

Sarah-Jane Butler, co-founder of Parental Choice, one of the UKs leading information resource websites for busy parents, is delighted to announce her participation in a live web Q&A hosted by The Guardian on Thursday 11 July at 1 and 3pm.

The Q&A will address the issues faced by women who want to return to work after having their children and offer advice on the ways in which the workplace and childcare can be managed to create a workable, effective and sustainable solution.

Sarah-Jane will be offering solid advice to mothers looking to return to work about their rights in the workplace, the resources they can tap into to assist with childcare and the options they have to available to help create a manageable work/life balance while ensuring that the ‘mummy’ role remains prioritised.

To join in the Q&A please use this link, scroll to the bottom and sign in or create a Guardian account to enable you to take part.


After the birth of her first daughter, Sarah-Jane spent hours researching childcare options and her legal rights as regards flexible working when she would rather have been spending time with her little girl. After finally finding a nanny and writing her own employment contract for her, it dawned on her that it really should not be that difficult for parents to find the information that they need to make the right choices for them in terms of childcare and their working lives and hence how the idea for Parental Choice was born.

Parental Choice is a “one-stop shop” for all of your queries regarding legal rights whilst pregnant, guidance when looking to return to work and all of the childcare options, including nurseries and dealing with the administration involved in employing a nanny. Parental Choice helps parents to make informed practical choices that work for both them and their children. By having everything in one place, Sarah-Jane hopes to save parents the endless trawling through the internet that she experienced, leaving parents more time to spend with their children.