Recession makes parents savvy shoppers

A new study has revealed that the recession has turned UK parents in to a nation of savvy shoppers, with more than 65% admitting they had become more cautious with spending as a result of the economic downturn.

A whopping 83% of parents confirmed they were using vouchers and discount codes in a bid to become more savvy, and impulse buys have long since vanished with 78% admitting they carefully research, try and compare before making a purchase.

Results also revealed:

  • 93% of parents are worried about their financial situation
  • 55% of parents did not take a holiday
  • 34% had cut down on their weekly food shop
  • 72% confirmed they had stopped buying as many clothes
  • 57% admitted they had received hand-me-downs
  • 40% said they were buying things from Ebay

The survey showed that 90% of parents spend more on their children than they do themselves, and just under a half of respondents shop for their own clothing in budget high street stores to be able to do so.

Melanie Hall, a spokeswoman for leading baby and parenting show The Baby Show (24-26 February) said of the survey: “This poll is very insightful and highlights that parents are trying to adapt to these hard times. The financial pressures on families are huge and parents are trying to make the wisest possible choices. Parents are taking the time to find out about products, investigating the quality of it and comparing the prices before buying them.”

“This savvy shopping is helping them to save money which can be used for other things such as paying bills. The Baby Show is the perfect place for parents to come, research buys, trial products and also get some great offers.”